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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Not Enough Room!

MARLEY: Ah the silly girls sometimes...
Ayla:  Hey! MY nappin spot.  I was here first!  Besides, all BLOO spots belong ta ME.

Iza:  Fine, I'll just go sleep with TBT!  So THERE...  I like the RED blankies better annyway. 

Ayla:  Wait, ya can stay here, I want TBT.

Iza:  Too late, I claimed him!

Ayla: Oh no you dont!

Iza:  Yes I do!

No ya dont, yes I do, no ya dont. yes I do...

MARLEY:  Normally, I would get between them at this point.  But tonight, I think I will just crawl unner the covers and enjoy a quiet night sleepin against TBT legs while the sisters fuss about it...

SOMETIMES a wise mancat just stays out of the fussin.  Ya know?