Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Womancat Wensday

AYLA:   Laz and Lori can have each other!  I dont like either of them.  Marley is OK.  I just want TBT's attention.  And Bloo towels...  And my meals brought to wherever I choose.

I love TBT to bits.  I live fer his attention.  And in fact, with Laz and Lori so wrapped up in themselfs, during the daytime I have the bedroom all to myself an TBT visits me often.  And not just for meals.  He comes in almost every hour and spends times talking to me and stroking me.  I love that...

And I've been out more than usual.  Out in the main part of the house, and even out on the deck more often.  With Laz calmed down (though I still dont really trust him) things are less worrisome than they were.  An I dont consider Lori a threat.  She is focussed on Laz an doesn't bother me at all.  

I hardly even hiss anymore.  

There are exceptions.  I got surrounded by Marley and Laz coming inside from the deck and Lori jumping close to sniff them.  I kinna panicked and ran.  But mostly, Laz and I can pass near each other and even exchange a sniff or two without a fuss these days.  TBT says that is good.

Not like we are gonna curl up together, though...