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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Not too much ta show yet, so it is an inside tour.

The knockout rose inside at the deck door glass is actually blooming.  3rd bloom this Winter on an 8" plant.  It should be very pretty outside in Summer!
TBT says he hopes to take cuttings and root them to make several plants from this one.  He loves the US motto "E Pluribus Unum" (from one, many).
And here we have the flat of root cuttings from 3 azalea shrubs last Fall.  Only a few of the cuttings failed to root, which was better than he and I expected.  That anny of them flowered at their small size amazed both of us.

The purple ones on the left bloomed first and are stopping.  Then white ones in the middle started.  We are hoping that the ones on the right (which should be red) will bloom too.  
Surely this is a good sign of future blooming.  What we arent sure of is how fast the cuttings will grow.  If they only grow an inch per year, that wont be real good.  But we are hoping they will grow all crazy-like when outside in real soil in the partial shade they like. 

TBT wasnt sure where ta put them, but I pointed ta a corner of the yard where there was never annything but weeds and he agrees.

Sooo...  lets all sit down on the warm basement floor and have some snacks while we admire the pretty flowers!  Today is simple.  LOTS of crushed dried NIP everywhere...