Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Day


Well, in honor of Leap Day, We thought we would post pictures of us leaping off or onto things.  But, there was a slight problem.  We couldn't find anny...

We KNOW we have some, but TBT wasnt really good at labelling them as such.  And being that TBT is on his 4th digital camera an each one has gotten to numbers of pictures reaching #8,000, thats too many to search.  We gave up on THAT idea!

So *I* suggested we see what we had done LAST time there was a Leap Day.  After all, the best solution to having no really new idea (for us annyway) is to grab something from the past and churn it...

So with that in mind, here is what we posted last time!

AYLA:  Today isnt actally a real day. so we arent REALLY postin.  That means we can say ANNYTHING we like, like that Iza is a real 768304* when she first wakes up or that Marley 486120455s late at night when TBT isnt lookin... MOL!

IZA:  Hey! What???  You cant say THAT!

AYLA:  Yes I can.  Cuz today doesn't really exist.  Try it out yerself...

IZA:  Ya mean I can tell evrycat you , you 81033215 at night an not get inta trubble?

AYLA:  Yep, see what happanned?  Numbers, all numbers.

IZA:  Well Ill be 607382!  Look at that!  Hey Marley!...

(Wakes from 70918342 stooppid (oops 670103)) nap... What you 5013  talkin about now?  OH!  Hey lookit THAT!

IZA:  Well that's what we were tryin ta tell ya, 81992315!  Nothing really exists today!

MARLEY67477312, COOL!  So when YOU call TBT a 5061952  4522912, when he is asleep an cant hear you, nothing bad happens?

AYLA:  You got it!  But ya know what the BAD part it?  Do ya really wanna know?

IZA and MARLEY :  "Yes, yes, what???

AYLA:  Wont happen again fer 4 YEARS!

IZA and MARLEY:  Ah mousie-droppings!  How do YOU know that?

AYLA:  Cuz IM smart and you're both 7582221!

*(No numbers were harmed in the making of this post!)

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Easy Like Sunday

MARLEY:  We got our EASY off to a good start this morning by sitting nicely together waiting fer TBT to get up.
Ayla even stayed in the middle (but nearer to me than Iza, naturally).
But all early mornin napping has to end, so I got up and hopped down when TBT seemed to rouse a bit.  I went off down the hallway meowing loudly that I was hungry, and amazingly, TBT actally decided ta get up!
Breakfast is a good start to ANNY day...

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Caturday Saturday

AYLA:  We generally sleep with TBT all night long, but when it gets light, we are ready fer the day and TBT is not!  So we get up an go to the rooms where the sunpuddles are.  When he finally gets up, we are already there.

So here I was nappin patiently waitin fer TBT ta get up.
When he finally did, I gave a G-O-O-D stretch an was ready fer breakfast!
I hope you all got a good stretch today too..

Friday, February 26, 2016

Freaky Friday

IZA:   I have a new "Twisted" Box!  And they changed their boxes from black to white.
TBT says he saves the TWISTED boxes just fer ME cuz they suit me so well.  I think thats a compliment...  I mean, if a box "suits me" thats good, right?
Its a little too high fer nappin in, though.  When yer nappin, ya wanna peek over the top and check around sometimes.  But its the purrfect height fer SITTIN in an peeking around!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Not too much ta show yet, so it is an inside tour.

The knockout rose inside at the deck door glass is actually blooming.  3rd bloom this Winter on an 8" plant.  It should be very pretty outside in Summer!
TBT says he hopes to take cuttings and root them to make several plants from this one.  He loves the US motto "E Pluribus Unum" (from one, many).
And here we have the flat of root cuttings from 3 azalea shrubs last Fall.  Only a few of the cuttings failed to root, which was better than he and I expected.  That anny of them flowered at their small size amazed both of us.

The purple ones on the left bloomed first and are stopping.  Then white ones in the middle started.  We are hoping that the ones on the right (which should be red) will bloom too.  
Surely this is a good sign of future blooming.  What we arent sure of is how fast the cuttings will grow.  If they only grow an inch per year, that wont be real good.  But we are hoping they will grow all crazy-like when outside in real soil in the partial shade they like. 

TBT wasnt sure where ta put them, but I pointed ta a corner of the yard where there was never annything but weeds and he agrees.

Sooo...  lets all sit down on the warm basement floor and have some snacks while we admire the pretty flowers!  Today is simple.  LOTS of crushed dried NIP everywhere...


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tuesday Tell-All About Monday

AYLA:  WELL!  (Deep breath) 

Me an Marley are kinna annoyed about yesserday cuz just before dawn, TBT got up an peeked in the Mews Room to make sure Marley was nappin in there, and he was, so then TBT picked ME up and put me in there too an then closed the door fer an hour an then pushed 2 of the PTUs in there and put us in them!!!

(Deep breath)

Then he brought us to the VET (where else would WE go in PTUs?) an he left us there, then the VET came an said he was gonna clean our teef so we wouldnt lose them, which sounded good but then he stabbed us and we woke up in the PTUs feelin all weerd an our mouths tasted funny, and we hadda sit in the PTUs fer like FOREVER until TBT came back an brought us home!!!

(Deep breath)

Then we got to eat almost all afternoon an we even drank a lot of water, an sat on TBT, and slept with him all night, and NOKITTY went in the Mews Room annytime last night "just-in-case" he had more plans fer THIS morning, but he dint and now we feel all back ta normal, but we dint take anny pictures cuz who wants ta be seen in a PTU annyway!!!


Monday, February 22, 2016

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  Seeing how the sisfurs enjoy sleepin in TBTs dresser drawers at night, I decided ta give it a try myself.    Iza had taken the top drawer and Ayla doesnt like sleepin near floor level, so that left the lower one open.
I have ta admit it is pretty comfy.  Boxlike-secure, too!
The pictures were taken separately during the night.  Notice that Iza never moves.  That girlcat can sleep like a LOG!  I move around a bit.
I'll have ta watch for those drawers bein open more often.  I'd like ta try the top one sometime.  Mebbe Ayla will even join me there.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunday Pile On

TBT:  I got up early and watched political news on TV.  I fed the cats first, of course; they always get fed before I eat.  Their "full-tummy-happiness" caused a cat-pile as soon as I sat down.
I was happy about THAT, but I know I don't look it.  The news wasn't great.  And I don't LOOK smiley a lot normally.  Some people do, I don't.  I used to get a lot of "Hey, smile" comments at work even when I FELT happy.  So don't worry about that.  I was happy...
Seriously, with Marley licking my hair and Ayla on my shoulder, I really was pretty pleased!
And you can just barely see Iza on my lap in the bottom left...
But Ayla is disturbed by the least movement, and I was starting to avoid Marley's rough tongue-licks.   He is determined and dedicated to licking.  I have abrasions to prove it.   Ayla went off to the desk.
She always likes to be "near but not on" after a few minutes.  Well, each of them has their own habits...

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Answers To Comments

TBT here:  We got many questions about the "Twisted" box.  So here are some answers from Ayla...

Megan commented:  "Good application of the scientific method, Ayla. Your conclusion that Iza is the freak and the box has nothing to do with it is very credible"

Ayla:  Thank you Megan.  I AM the smartest feline in the house.  I do think very catlogically.

15 and Meowing commented:  "I guess you figured out that mystery. I hope Iza doesn't see this post. 

Ayla:  We have an agreement here that we all tell each other what we post.  So, of course, I DON'T tell IZA annything I post.  But she actually thinks I WILL, so she doesnt go looking at old posts.  MOL!

Flynn commented:  "Iza may not be too happy about you calling her freaky"

Ayla:  See above...  ;)

Brian commented:  "Hey Marley, you got a Twisted Sister"

Ayla:  Yes, but it isnt the boxs fault, she came that way.  And TBT says that the "Twisted" actally refers to "old twisted Zinfandel grapevines" that make a slightly different kind of wine than new vines.  Partcularly, "cheap but decent".  I sniffed the stuff once and almost bomited, but then HE doesnt like raw mice like US...

Friday, February 19, 2016

Freaky Friday

AYLA:  I figure that anny box marked "Twisted" HAS ta be a bit Freaky.  At least Iza allus seems kinna freaky when she gets in this box...
Hmmm...  I dont FEEL annything freaky about it.  A bit boring actally.
I guess that proves that Iza is just freaky all on her own.  The box label is just coinsidens considence an accident!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thankful Thursday

MARLEY:  I am thankful fer my nappin pot!
 Its got a nice soft towel on top of the dirt...
It is next to the TV, so in the evening I can see that TBT is there in his chair...
It is next to the Felliway dispenser, so I allus feel relaxed...
And it is a PURRFECT size fer me!  It tapers, so I am just touching the sides all around.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Toesie Tuesday

IZA:  Nappin with the toesies all together is a really good thing!
Like, ya KNOW where they all are...
Ya can count them...
 An they are convenient fer rubbin the sleep out of yer eyes when ya wake up from yer nap!
Oh wow!  Does that last picture show off a whisker hump, or what?  Mebbe I should call it a whisker "mump"!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Snowy Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  We got SNOWED ON again!  And Im gettin TIRED of it.  We just got rid of the last snow last week.

Here was the deck after lunch.
And we couldnt tell the temperature cuz the thingie was all covered.
 But TBT shoveled a path to the edge fer us...
And brushed off the thingie.  We've learned that, as long as the red pointer isnt too far over to the left, its OK.  Straight up is better.  Right is best!
I went right out.  There wasnt annything ta DO out there, but I went.
And came right back in too.  I mean, there isnt much reason to have cold paws AND nothin ta do..  Its sposed ta get warmer real soon, so I hope all this stuff is gone in a couple days...

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Easy Like Valentine's Day

We are all sending a valentine card to ALL our friends!
IZA:  And I am sending a special one to my DEAREST SPITTIKINS:

Friday, February 12, 2016

Freaky Friday

AYLA: While we were at the V-E-T the other day, I saw something rather scary.  I mean, aside from the temperature thingie and the needles.
 There was this picture on the wall showing our insides.  I got to thinkin about that.
How did the Beins find out what we looked like on the insides?  I can only think of ONE way.  An that freaked me out a bit!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thankful Thursday

IZA:  I am thankful today fer this empty ice cream tub!  Well, it may be empty from TBTs point of view, but MY tongue says there is still lots of yummy stuff in there.
Seriously, we kitties can lick where no mere spoon can go!
 An even a little goes a long way.
 BTW, its French Vanilla, so there are no yucky bits of fruit in there.
Not even anny yucky fruit FLAVORS - just nice creamy goodness!

 Thats pretty much all thats there.
OK, TBT, cleanup in Aisle 2!