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Friday, August 17, 2012

Marley OUT, 4

MARLEY:  So, in the far back yard, I found a huge barrel.  Iza says this is where TBT dumps kitchen scraps.  Well, I wasnt innerested in THAT!
So I found thick vines I could crawl into.  Of course, ya cant see me IN the vines, so I cant show THAT.
[IZA:  He was just wanderin around aimlessly.  You'ld think he never been back here before.  Oh wait, he hasnt.  But I started ta walk back ta the house]
Iza dint even know about it!  So she came runnin back over ta look...
See, Iza?  I can find mousie holes too...  We'll share and share alike.
Then I turned around an ran like, A MILE!  [Iza:  about 30 yards, but thats probly further than he ever ran before at one time]And I found this great spot of bare ground!  Fer some reason, I just naturally dug a little hole there, but Im not sure why.
But I DID know ta roll around innit.  It felt cool!
Then I went over to the fence.  I thought I should climb it, but it looked REAL high.  So, I dint.
Tomorrow, I find a WILD CORNER and explore it...