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Thursday, November 18, 2021

Thankful Thursday

TBT:  I am thankful today that the adult Mews are (generally) getting along with the new one.  It wasn't a certainty!

Marley tolerates a LOT of tail pouncing from Lori.  He's not perfect.  He whapped her once.  And when she got too persistent, he grabbed her by the neck (gently).  Just a reminder that he is WAY bigger and his tail is not a toy...  But he is kind.

Laz and Lori have a strange relationship so far.  She really spooked him at first.  There were some raised (but unused) paws) at first, and mostly he ran away.  Which is odd because he really attacked Ayla a few times at first.  Lori still chases him, but I THINK Laz is getting the concept of play.  

Perhaps he has calmed down and feels at home now, but maybe he also recognizes that Lori can't hurt him.    Also, I seen hints that he indulges her (an adult-to-kitten instinct?) and chases her sometimes.  He could catch her, of course, but he doesn't.  He just runs right behind her.

Ayla still hisses, but it isn't as strongly as at first.  And Lori has to be closer to get hissed at than before.  They have even sniffed each other briefly.  And Ayla's response to Lori is usually to jjust leave.

One benefit of Lori's presence is that Ayla and Laz are getting along better.  They often walk right past each other these days with a quick nose-to-nose and a body-sniff.  OK, that might have been happening about now anyway, but it is good to see regardless of the cause.

Lori is showing true Tonkinese traits.  She loves being near me.  She is already a dedicated lapcat and she sleeps next to me every night most of the night.  She wants to stay so close to we  that (like Iza as a kitten), I have to watch my feet carefully.  She will sit right behind me as I prepare dinner.  I am remembering that I have to shuffle my feet rather than suddenly step back, because she is "right there" most of the time.

Lori actually loves to eat meals next to Marley.  That is new.  Marley is a feline vacuum cleaner and will take over any bowl.  Ayla demanded special eating places years ago because of that and Laz has demanded the same (at least by a few feet and while I watch).  I saw Marley nose at Lori's bowl, and she whapped him!  Good for her.  

Laz adores Marley, so he retreats when "the Marleyosaur"  moves in.  I keep telling Laz he has to defend his own bowl, but he isn't quite sure what to do.  So I stand there a lot, tapping Marley with a shoetip when he gets too pushy.  He's overweight, so it's not like he's really needing more food.  He just loves food.

So, in summary, the adult Mews are generally getting along with Lori.  Ayla and Marley are getting along better, Marley is always pretty much good.  Lori is completely free in the house, and prefers to use the "Adult Cat" litterboxes in the basement now.  

A few random unused (I hope) pics of Lori...