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Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Wonderful Whiskeratti Wensday!

IZA:  We dedicate this post to the Whiskeratti.  They are Wonderful!  They heard my cry of loss about the great warm heaty mat and said they weren't using theirs (of the exact same kind) and THEY SENT US THEIRS!!!

I am SO THRILLED.  This heaty mat warms to 90F.  The weak replacement mat TBT tried only got to 83F.  Warmer (to some degrees) is better!

So, without (much) further comment (until the end), here are pictures of my delight...

I smell a cat!  It must be a Whiskeratti.  Oh joy to sniff a scent from a friend!

Yeah, just TRY to get me offa this...

Oh, so much thanks to my Whiskeratti friends!   When even TBT failed me, they came through.

TBT:  Iza detected the warmth of the heaty mat the moment she came inside from being out on the deck.  She detected the difference in warmth immediately and curled right up on it.  The problem with the original heaty mat from Art Of Paws was that the power AC/DC adapter plug fell right apart the very first time I unplugged it to move it.  Cheap construction on the Chinese plug!

To make sure that is never an issue with the plug on the mat the wonderful Whiskerattis sent, I plugged the mat plug into an extension cord and wrapped the attachment with several feet of duct tape.  The Iza-beloved heaty mat will never have the plug break again.
Ayla and Marley will discover the new RIGHT heaty mat soon.  But Iza and I are so thankful to the Whiskerattis for sending us theirs...