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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Catching Up

MARLEY:  We are tryin ta catch up with our pictures of the snow.  Yesserday, we all went chargin out on the deck together.  It was almost 70F!

"Here come the Mews,
Like a bat out of hell...
Some skwerl gets in our way,
Some skwerl dont feel so well!"
But there werent anny skwerls around!  We were disappointed.
So we each went our separate ways looking fer annything innerestin.
For "today" we have a picture from the front yard (where we cant go, but TBT can).  We were amazed when we saw the pictures though.

The Vishus Deer have returned!  TBT hadnt seen any hoofprints in our snow until yesterday.  This is what one looks like...
Apparently there were actally SEVERAL.In fact, there was a whole FLOCK HERD!  They were eating our shrubs.  

And the prints went right up to the fence.  They were tryin ta get IN!