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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Injury Interlude, 1

Well, TBT  overused or lost his back a couple days ago.  OK, he said "threw out his back".  We have no idea why he did THAT, and we spent a couple days looking for it without success.  Mainly, it means he cant chase us around taking pictures and he makes weerd sounds when he bends over to put our food bowls on the floor.

So we decided that it might be a good time to post some old pictures taken this week in past years until he gets better...

From January 30, 2011 -

We were having a visit from Henrietta Hippo.  She was here when Marley arrived and was quite impressed watching how a new cat adjusted to a house and other cats!
Here you can see how much smaller Marley was than Iza.  He was a small as Ayla!
But unner his watchful eye,  Ayla and Iza were getting along better, even sitting next to each other on the cat tree.