Monday, January 17, 2011


We are just now kinna gettin back ta normal after the party yesterday!  We stayed up until about 4 a.m. partyin.  We all got up about Noon and found a few kitties nappin around, so we got out the last of the party food an shared it.  The Big Thing cleaned the litter boxes (again) and we all used them (again).  The last kitties teleported back home fed and pooped (in more ways than one) . 

We went back an napped again until a few hours ago.  We were EXHAUSTED!  Parties are GREAT, but they do take a lot out of ya.

So, while it is still (barely) "the day after", we wanna thank all the kitties what came ta our party, those who wished us a Happy Gotcha Day but couldnt visit (for good reasons), and those who left comments today about regretfully missing it (mostly cuz of their Beins being forgetful or busy).  And, what the hey, those who decided not ta come an now realize they missed a GREAT party.  MOL!

It is TBT's personal opinion that this was one of the best Gotcha Day parties he has seen here.  He says Skeeter and LC had some good mutual Gotcha Day parties (and we have too), but this one was really good. 

An we owe it all to our friends...

Next time, some thoughts (explanations?) about Mutual Gotcha Days...