Monday, July 18, 2016

Answers To Comments

MARLEY:  We havent done this for a while and since it is Mancat Monday, I get to choose the questions and do all the answers!

1.  Saturday, TBT and I came in from the HOT outside and I was nappin on his legs.  Megan said "But you're heating up TBT's legs there, Marley! Give the guy a break." 

He has a lot of bare skin and some weerd way of sweating ta cool down.  And I dont want to cool off TOO fast.  So we both cool at about the same rate.

2.  Friday, we mentioned that TBT tossed ping-pong balls down among us as we were enjoying our after-tour treats.  Megan posted "But who wants to run around after ping-pong balls in the heat? If TBT is gonna throw 'em, let TBT chase 'em!"

Well, who can resist a tossed toy?  And ping-pong balls are easy ta whap around.  With a dozen ot so of us lying around, it got pretty active.  And it dint take much effort.

3.  Thursday, we showed a picture of a cherry tomato growing out the bottom of a 5 gallon pot hanging from the deck.  Summer said "My human loves the cherry tomato plant idea - it sounds simple enough that even she might actually get it to work!".

Its not hard but does take some care.  The hole in the bottom should be about 1" diameter, you need to place the pot on a bucket so there is empty space beneath the pot, you need to have a young tomato plant so you can carefully fit the tomato plant leafs through the hole and a brick inside the pot gived the roots something to sit on while you do it.  Then you lift the roots and add soil around them and remove the brick.  So you have the roots near the center of the pot surrounded by soil.  Then you  fill the pot with potting soil, hang it, and sprinkle fertilizer on the top.  Then plant flowers on the top.

It sounds more complicated than it really is.  All you really need to do is not break the tomato stem...

Oh, and make sure the pot is hung from chains.  Drill 3 holes around the rim, put S hooks in the holes and connect the chains to the S hooks.  We will send details to anyone who wants more information.

4.  On Wensday, Ayla was sitting on the back on TBTs chair.  The Whiskeratti mentioned "Such a lovely, lovely girl. And looking purrhaps just a bit mysterious. Probably a Meezer specialty.".

Ayla answers:   Mysterious IS a Meezer specialty.  But I was mostly thinking about dinner!  My expression is fixed that way.  My thoughts arent.

5.  On Tuesday we showed some of our cat mats, and Katie Isabella asked "Where did you get them my dears?"

Well, we think she was asking about the fancy quilted ones.  And there are stories behind them.  First, TBT got them from Darling Millie.  Her Mom made them.  The original one was the green one for orange Skeeter and the red one was for Black/White LC.  When Ayla came along, he got the blue/tan one for her.  Then Skeeter and LC went over the Bridge and Iza got the red one and later Marley got the green one.  We like the contrasting colors.

And BTW, we are careful never to claw on them!

6.   On Monday, the Whiskeratti said, when we mentioned getting called inside, "Dude, you have a CURFEW??"

Yeah, sunset...  TBT says thats when the owls come out and we sure dont wanna meet any owls.  He says they are 6' big and hunt cats.  So we come in before dark!

Hope ya liked our answers ta yer comments!