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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year Day Month Year Month Day!

AYLA:  Today isnt actally a real day. so we arent REALLY postin.  That means we can say ANNYTHING we like, like that Iza is a real 768304* when she first wakes up or that Marley 486120455s late at night when TBT isnt lookin... MOL!

IZA:  Hey! What???  You cant say THAT!

AYLA:  Yes I can.  Cuz today doesn't really exist.  Try it out yerself...

IZA:  Ya mean I can tell evrycat you , you 81033215 at night an not get inta trubble?

AYLA:  Yep, see what happanned?  Numbers, all numbers. 

IZA:  Well Ill be 607382!  Look at that!  Hey Marley!...

(Wakes from 70918342 stooppid (oops 670103)) nap... What you 5013  talkin about now?  OH!  Hey lookit THAT!

IZA:  Well that's what we were tryin ta tell ya, 81992315!  Nothing really exists today!

MARLEY67477312, COOL!  So when YOU call TBT a 5061952  4522912, when he is asleep an cant hear you, nothing bad happens?

AYLA:  You got it!  But ya know what the BAD part it?  Do ya really wanna know?

IZA and MARLEY :  "Yes, yes, what???

AYLA:  Wont happen again fer 4 YEARS!

IZA and MARLEY:  Ah mousie-droppings!  How do YOU know that?

AYLA:  Cuz IM smart and you're both 7582221!

*(No numbers were actually used in the making of this post!)


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tummy Tuesday

IZA:  I got promised some extra treats fer this...
In exchange fer laying still an puttin up with the flashy.
 They better be good ones.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Laundry Nappin

AYLA:  Ah there are few better things than nappin in the old worn TBT clothes all night

I DO love the smellies!
 I USED ta get unner the blankies with him at night, but, quite frankly, Iza is aggressive about it an sometimes even my dear brother Marley makes some room fer hisself there.

Which pushes Iza away a "little" bit an she pushes ta get more room and I end up gettin pushed the most.  But thats neither here nor there.  The point is that I dont sleep much unner the blankies these days. 

But I have places I like better these days.  You've seen the pictures of me up high on the shoe rack.

But I'm always ahead of the trends, ya know?  The COOL place ta sleep fer the night now is in TBT's "used cloths" hamper.

Even the flashy light doesn't drive me away. I'll just sleep here.  All night, ya know?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Easy Like Sunday

This Easy Sunday, we have a question about something that seems to be making our friends REALLY EASY.  Silvervine...

TBT been doing 'puter searches on it.  He thinks it is ACTINIDIA POLYGAMA, but he cant quite pin it down.  See, some places talk about growing the vine as a large annual garden plant, some places talk about it as a small perennial vine, an some some places talk about it as a "cat attractant".  He thinks there are many types of this plant an doesnt know perzactly which one to grow fer us.

A US source sells seeds for a $ each (which he says is fine), but they dont say that cats like it.  An places that mention how we cats like it arent specific about which plant it is... Thats as annoyin as a mousie that stays inna hole just out of paw-reach!

So, does annyone know where we can get seeds or seedlings of the RIGHT kind of silver vine that WE would like? 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sister Saturday

Yeah, sometimes we snooze together...
Just the two of us!

Friday, February 24, 2012


MARLEY:  Ayla often likes ta eat up high.  In fact the smell of foods is why I stated trying ta get up on her shoe rack ta begin with.  She tends ta be a "clean bowl" kitty, but sometimes I can tell there is some left.  Like yesserday...
 Nom, Nom, Nom...

Me:  Thanks.
Ayla:  Yer Welcome

Thursday, February 23, 2012


IZA: I may not have mentioned this much, bit I sit bt TBT while he is eating his dinner.

 Well, ya cant get good stuffs if you arent ther, ya know?  And I DO love the good stuffs he eats.
So I sit there on the arm of the chair.  Sometimes he gives me bits of REAL meats.
 When he doesnt, I reach out with a paw (claws barely out) and touch him.
Sometimes I grab his legs.  That usally gets his attention.
 Ya can see I have ahold of him pretty good here.
But overall, I get the best results by playin up ta hime nicely.
I wuld purr at him fer ours fer food!
I watch his food plate SO close alla time! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


IZA:  Well, TBT was cleanin, so he pushed some boxes together at one side of the room.  I found an open one an sat inside.
Fer some reason, this made Ayla an Marley curious.
He got up top of MY box.  Im SURE he was lookin fer some way ta whap me from behind.
Then they BOTH were lookin at me in my box...
An it began ta feel more like a trap!   I decided it was time ta avoid a double pounce.
But it turns out that Marley only wanted ta get in the box.  Oh well, I'll just lounge here on the Ess until he gets bored an leaves!
 May take a while...

Monday, February 20, 2012

Mancat Monday - Hiding For Fun

MARLEY:  I don't always hide cuz Im embarassed.  I hide fer fun too.  I LIKE bein unner chairs. 
I see Im not allus good at getting ALL of me unner the chair, though.  The tail has a mind of its own...
Sometimes I peek out to see if annyone knows I am there.  An this is about the closest Ill ever get to frootbat ears.  *sigh*
Or stick a paw out ta see iffen it will be whapped.
Iffen the paw doesnt get whapped, a nose out is good fer snifin fer Ayla or Iza.  Iza especially!
Looks safe...
So I'll sniff around fer a toy...
Mouse-droppings! No toys in reach!
Um, TBT, can ya toss me a coupla mousies?  I wanna bunnykick somethin, but stay unner here...

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  Its cloudy and grey with a rumor of snow.  No sunpuddles.  So we are relaxin on the bed today. 
I waited until Iza closed her eyes and Marley stopped shifting around.
Then I could finally nap off myself.
Im a bit motherish sometimes...

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Evidence

THE BIG THING:  Well, first, I thought I should document the evidence of Marley's planty activities from yesterday.  Here is the poor catmint cutting, stripped of all leaves.  Fortunately, there were already tiny new leaves growing at the leaf junctions, so it will survive to make more "happy cat" leaves.

This is some of the torn-up chinese cabbage leaves...

And here is a broken-over and torn up lettuce leaf...
So, why did I go directly to Marley for the blame?

1.  Marley is the only one who shows interest in uncrushed catmint leaves.
2.  There were 6 leaves on that cutting and no remains were left.  Some kitty ate them all. And  Marley went all crazypants in the middle of the night.
3.  Marley is the only kitty here who likes the spicy mesclun greens.
4.  I might suspect Iza of trying to frame Marley (she is sneaky that way), but she can't jump that high.
5.  Equally, Ayla CAN jump that high, but she would never try to frame Marley.
6.  When I accused Marley of eating the catmint leaves, he immediately looked guilty.

The prosecution rests...  Heh-heh-heh!  ;)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Stayin Out of Sight

MARLEY:  Im hiding today.  TBT went down to the plant stand this morning an was surprised ta finnd all the leafs from the Nip cutting he rooted last week missing, some of the lettuce leafs chewed, an even some chinese cabbage leafs torn up.  There were some pressed-in spots in the soil too.
He came upstairs and came straight over ta me where I was sitting in a sunpuddle and told me I was a bad boy fer eating his plants an I better not do it again or I wont get anny treats ALL THAT DAY.  He dint even LOOK at Ayla or Iza!  He was right, but how did he KNOW it was ME?

Hes spooky that way sometimes.  So Im hidin...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Garden Tour Thursday

MARLEY:  Ooh I get to do the garden tour this week cuz the really good stuff is inside an what I can see from the bafroom window over the garden.

Here is a lovely clump of crocuses.  They are open like this in the sun.  That was only 5 bulbs last year!  Apparently, they like it there.
An closed like this on cloudy days.
But the cool thing is inside.  We (well, TBT mostly) planted fancy salad greens a Big Moon ago an just look at them now!  They are called "mesclun".

They arent very high yet.
But they are pretty.  And TBT loves ta add them ta salads.  He says "color AND spice".
They are $6 a pound in the store, but the seed packet TBT bought last year will grow about 10 times like this much, an these are just still small.  He grows them in a windersill box inside and will snip individual plants what will grow more leafs from the roots all year.

I got a chance ta nibble some while he was movin trays around fer new seedlings.  They are a bit spicy, but fun ta eat.

Well, iffen he dint want me ta nibble, he SHOULDNT have put the container on the floor an turned his back.  Right?

IZA:  We have Some fresh Nip leafs, water flavored with chickie, and "picnic" dry treats.  Those seem ta have a bit of EVERYTHING in them so pick out the ones ya like.  ALL of the flavors are sure ta be liked by SOME kitty!