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Thursday, January 31, 2013

While We Are Away 5

LC is watching a squirrel avidly...  I only know that now because I USED TO label pictures descriptively.
She always wanted one, but (to my knowledge) she never caught one.  When Jeremy (my parents' cat, who used to stay with us for the Winter while the folks went to FL) would tell Skeeter and LC about the squirrels he caught in NH (documented by photos), they would both get SO jealous!

In fairness to their hunting abilities, Jeremy caught those smaller red squirrels up north.  He never caught one of our large feisty gray squirrels here either!

And we have our new computer up and running.  But TBT said that since we had this Golden Oldie's Week going, we might as well finish it.  And besides, since it has a fancy new operating system, there are some settings adjustments he is trying to make.  You wouldn't BELEEVE how ugly and aggressive the email is!  He wants to learn how to tone it down a squillion degrees before he starts using it again.  It wants to steal a LOT of information.  Well HE thinks, annyway. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

While We Are Away 4

Like Marley is today, Skeeter and LC were always anxious to get outside.  Unlike Marley, they ALWAYS wanted their breakfast first.  So, being fed, they are ready to go out.
Sometimes I would open the door just a little.   Sometimes it was the only way to get they to stay still for a picture together!
And they knew I would open it fully after a few seconds.  A little tease is OK, but not for long.
And of course they got out right quick after the pictures!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

While We Are Away 3

May and June 2007.

They had a fancy little cloth for their bowls for a while.  But being messy eaters, the cloth got dirty too fast.  And there was a never-ending kibble dispenser (where Skeeter is).  I only use kibble as treats now.
Skeeter is examining some prezzies.  I cant recall what the occasion was (or find a post about it).  Maybe we were sending them TO somekitty...

Monday, January 28, 2013

While We Are Away 2

LC loved to be outside a lot.  She would get over the fence and wander in the quiet woods .  But here, she is inside the yard just watchin the birds and skwerlse

Sunday, January 27, 2013

While We Are Away 1

We still arent fully online yet.  The broked computer only gets DELIVERED to the repair place tomorrow, and it sure to take several days before TBT can get it back.  We are using an older one briefly.  It does SOME things...

We can access our blog well enough, but it makes a lot of annoying noise, the Google Reader isnt on this one, we cant read our email (its set up fer an ISP we dont use annymore), and TBT doesnt want to load our NEW pictures onto the OLD computer.

But it DOES have some OLD pictures on it, so we will do a Golden Oldies Week!

Here are a couple of Skeeter from 2007, when he was still feelin good and was happy.

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Vet

MARLEY:  I hadda go to the VET again wensday (I waited til today for respect of the crocus in Garden Tour Thursday).  Im a good boy and try not to complain, but Wensday was awffuller than usual.

See, TBT usally puts the PTU out early so we can panick and hide and get over it til he picks us up all unsuspectinglike hours later.  And he is good at putting the PTU on the cat tree some we cant push it back AND there is no place to stand in front.

But he messed up this time.  He went SHOPPING first.  He FORGOT the VET thing!  Normally, that would be a GOOD THING, but he came home just in time to remember.  So the PTU came out SUDDENLY and we all ran.  I hid UTB.  He told me firmly that he dint have TIME for that so I hid best.

He closed the bedroom door and shoved a MOP UTB and when I finally ran out to the door (trying to grab the openy-thing) he grabbed me.  And he had the PTU just sitting on the table.

I was able ta push it away as he tried to shove me (gently guide him) into it.  Which upset him...  So he opened the top, and I wasn't going in THAT way either!  In fact, I twisted around in his arms and laid a good couple of claws into his neck!!!  Not deep, but I did get some blood.

Unfortunately, that meant I was on my back, so he could shove me (set him down gently) into the PTU.  But then he couldnt let GO of me and close the top without my claws getting him.

He is UNBELIEVABLY SNEAKY!  He was still wearing his outside jacket, so he pulled one hand up into the sleeve and held me down with that until he got the OTHER hand up into the sleeve and while he pressed me down with one handless unclawable sleeve he put the top down and slid the FIRST unclawable sleeve out as he shut it. 

I usally love him dearly, but sometimes he is DESPITABLE!  I mean, he does NOT fight fair...  I had all 4 paws-of-claws up and I couldnt do anything useful in my defense.  He should at LEAST make his flesh available!

So off we went (TBT fergot his camera fer once).  I yelled better than usual on the way cuz I was so  agitately, ya know?  I got carried into the VET office and they brought me in.  I got pulled out the top (mousie-curses on those top-opening PTUs!) and set down on the cold metal table.  The VET helper went to prepare the shot (this was all just for a shot, not the full routine, apparently) which is #2 of 3, so I can go outside again.

I was there on the cold metal table alone with TBT so ya know what I did?  I attacked him all claws went to him and hid my face in his armpit and shivered.  An ya know what HE did (still bleeding slightly)?  He comforted me, told me it would be OK, made those little tongue-click noises at me, stroked my furs, promised we would be home soon, said I would get extra treats, and surrounded me with those weerd long arms gently.

What else could I do but calm down?

A few minutes later the VET came in (a replacement LADY VET) and held me a minute.  Gee, she is softer than Dr Jeffrey!  I got weighed, got looked at and felt up and unner (teef, heart bumps, guts).  Then got my shot.  No temperature thing thing this time (thank cod).

I RAN into the PTU as soon as I was released!  When we got home, I got lots of treats and then ran and hid fer days (about an hour).  And we ALL got fed early.

Ive had better days, but I was home safe and sound once more.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Computer Problems

We are having computer problems.  SOMEBODY knocked over a drink at the computer Wensday night.  While it did not seem to touch the computer, it immediately went dead.

TBT has set up the old computer and barely got it to let us come here.  It makes a racket an doesnt do evrything it should.  It may be a few days before we are back online.  We think there is a pre-scheduled post fer Friday, but it doesnt mean we are really back yet.

See you all as soon as we can!

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Its time to start the Garden Season again!  YAY!  I saw the first crocus bloom a few days ago but I waited til today to announce it (it being Garden Tour Thursday and all).  I think it might be regretting its early awakening though.  The temps are suddenly gone from 50s to 20s!  And there were all this guys Toosday hauling off the trees and stomping heavy on the lawn.  (TBT says they were there for the trees, but I think they were there to flatten the lawn, and they sure did a good job)

But there was 2 crocuses.  Heres one.
And they survived the stomping.  Sometimes it is good to be small an inconpikew inkonspik hard to see! 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hidey Hole 3

MARLEY:  Since Ayla and Iza were doing Hidey-Hole posts, I thought I should too. 
Granted, its not the first time you've seen me here...
But I figure another picture of ME in my favrit spots is worth a few more pictures.
Yes, I have 2 of them spots.  They are both good...

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Strangers In The Yard!!!

OMG, there were strange Beins crawlin all OVER our yard!  TBT warned us that there were gonna be some trees cut apart, so we couldnt go out today, but we had NO IDEA it was gonna be like THAT!

They made 7 BIG trees fall COMPLETELY over, and the trees made a HUGE THUD when they hit the ground.  Then they cut the trees (including the one what fell on its own a few weeks ago) into 6' long logs.  They CARRIED the logs (so big TBT said he COULDNT lift one hisself) all the way out to the street.  Where they fed them into a machine that took the logs in one end and spit a stream of chips out the other into a big truck  It was very loud!

Then when they were done with the trees, they drove in a machine that chewed the one big fallen-over-tree stump to sawdust!  Funny, it WASNT loud...

TBT put all the pictures HERE.

We would love to go out and look, but TBT says we cant go out all week.  The temperature is 25 degrees and he says it won't get higher than that for days.  Then we might get "lots of snow".

So heres a Tuesday Tummy picture...

Monday, January 21, 2013

Laptime Denied

IZA:  I wanted to get on TBTs lap the other evening, but Marley was there first.  I waited on the otto-man fer a while, but he dint show anny signs of leaving.
So, I tried my lazers.  That dint do anny good...
 I started to go whap him or bite his ear, but then I remembered that even if that DID get him to leave (and he tends to whap back) TBT would get all annoyed and make ME leave too!
So I settled back down to wait.
And wait...  And wait...
The waiting dint do me anny good.  Before EITHER of us left, TBT himself got up to go wash dishes!  I had to wait until he went to bed to get anny time on him.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Mild Defense...

TBT here:  Yesterday, many cats hissed gently at me for not letting Marley or Iza bring the dead vole into the house.  I appreciate their desire that the Mews get to play with the vole inside the house.  And be sure that I love all you kitties for your mousing talents and all other ways.

In my defense, I am completely happy that the cats catch voles.  If the voles are alive (outside), I help them "not lose them" by being the "aerial surveillance" and giving the rodents a nudge when they hide too well.  I have tossed live and dead voles around to play with them (the cats).  When they sometimes lose interest in a live one, I stomp on the critters to 1) make sure they don't escape back to their burrows to raise more voles and 2) remind the cats I have a certain mousie lethality of my own.

The last time I let them bring a live rodent into the house, they managed to stuff the dead body onto a floor vent behind some drapes and it took me 2 days to find the heated rotting smelly carcass!  The vented air blew the smell all over so it took a while to locate.

In spite of that, I say let the mousie hunting continue!  Just outside...  LOL!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mousie Again!

MARLEY:  I brought another mousie back to the house.  I figured Ayla would enjoy it cuz she doesnt come out very much.   So I waited by the door fer TBT to open it.
He didnt, so I played with it a bit more.
He finally opened it when I wasnt ready, and Iza pounced it!
SHE tried to run inside with it, but TBT tossed it out again and closed the door.
So she was stuck inside again...
He finally opened it when Ayla came over to see what all the ecitement was.
But she said it was too cold, even to play with a mousie.  She is acting like a Princess again.  Wants everything in purrfect comfort.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Out Of Order

AYLA:   Marley and I ate dinner last night out of our regular positions.
It was moderately eciting!
Hey, it was a slow rainy dreary day, OK?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Great Gotcha Day Party

And thank you all who came to help us celerybrate!  We had a GREAT time and it really made our whole MONTH!

It turns out that there was ONE mousie left behind in the dry bathtub, and we all had fun with it.  While it lasted...  Marley finally ate it.

It was a party to remember.  We plan to nap around TBT ALL DAY today!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Our Gotcha Day

AYLA & IZA:   Its our Gotcha Day!  Same date, different years...  Skeeter and LC had the same arrangement, so we think TBT likes doin that (TBT:  It was deliberate with LC, but with Iza, it was just coincidental).

AYLA:  I arrived this day in 2008, so its my 5TH gotchversary.   This is a picture from my first day here.  Actally, I havent changed very much.

IZA:  And I arrived here this same date in 2009, so its my 4th Gotcha Day.  I was gonna be a Momma Cat for a Siamese-breeder lady, but when I got old enough, my colors were a bit smudgy, so I needed a home.  An she knew TBT was looking fer another meezer girl.  We only found out later that my colors were a bit "off" for a meezer cuz I am actally a Tonkineezer.  And my furs are JUST RIGHT fer that!
We dont have anny big party planned, and its raining out so theres no mousie-hunit.   But iffen annyone wants to come over, we just received CASES of foods, we got boxes and cat trees, and there are toys EVRYWHERE!

3:45 UPDATE:  We seem to have a party going on!  Some friends have ported over, and Eric&Flynn brought a box of mousies.  So we have invented a game...

TBT drops a mousie in the (dry, plugged) bathtub.  One kitty goes in and crouches down on the floor listening fer the mousie.  When the kitty thinks they know where it is (without seeing), it pounces in.  Ya hafta land ON the mousie (ya cant run or reach all around).

Then the mousie goes back in the box to rest an TBT puts a new one in fer the next kittehs turn!

We will eat the mousies later after all the games are over...

7:45 UPDATE:  The Mousie-In-The-Tub game has been a great success, with a never-ending line of participants.  But the mousies are all pretty exhausted  an we want them to "freshen up" for the final event.  Most evry kitteh managed to land on its mousie (no big surprise).  Even those not very familiar with live mousies did well.  A couple (who will not be embarassed by being named here)  missed theirs quite badly, but  Fresh Nip was involved so it is quite unnerstandable.

And, in fact, none of us know who they were.  Each participant entered the tub room alone, TBT closed the door, and dropped a mousie inna the tub.  In EVRY case, TBT opened the door and announced a successful pounce.  Only the kitteh, TBT, and the mousie know fer sure.  TBT wont talk, and the mousies cant tell us apart (and they wont be saying much of annything pretty soon)!

Boxes are being spread around next...

10:15 UPDATE:  Its been box fun lately (well, and eating foods).  Here I (Iza) am modeling the first box jump contest.  

The object was to jump from box to box creatively while never using the same box twice.  Several kittehs executed twisty jumps that amazed all of us.  The boxes were full of kittehs jumping from box to box showing off their moves.  

The fancy-wrapped box in the middle was most popular.  We were all especially amazed by a few kittehs who could toss a toy mousie in the air from being in one box to another and be there to catch it!  There were applausies all around!!!  Naturally, these pictures were taken befor the boxes were used, for clarity of display.
12:30AM UPDATE:  Its time to munch the mousies!  They have been kept away from nasty seed-foods, they are well exercized, and they are rested for play.  TBT is just gonna drop them in the various boxes and the tub, so we can just go all-out at them!  

Have FUN EVRYKITTY an thanks SO MUCH fer coming to our kinna surprise party!!!


Tuesday, January 15, 2013


IZA:  I am best at payin attention to Grampa.  I like Beins.
Marley will come around and sniff his fingers sometimes, but thats mostly cuz he wants ANNYONE to open the deck door for him.  Ayla dodges him like plague, but she spends most of her time in the bedroom, so its tricky ta tell what she thinks, ya know?  I think its the tappy-cane Grampa uses that bugs her.
Grampa doesn't actally LIKE us much.  Oh, hes POLITE enough, but ya can tell...  When I am on HIS chair, he always makes me get off it.  Keep in mind that the chair was OURS afore he came here.  He has this "Im a BEIN and you're just a cat" attitude. 
Fortunately, he naps a lot during the day.  Unfortunately, hes in the chair when he does it (and he DOESNT let want us on his lap when hes there).

Monday, January 14, 2013

Two Poems

Mr Puddy Sent us a poem about LC on her Bridge Day:

"You write a story
It's the greatest story ever told
Of a kind and loving kitty
Who had a heart of gold

If could write a million pages
But still be unable to say, just how
Much you love and miss her
Every single day

You will remember all she taught you
You're hurt but won't be sad
‘coz she'll send you down the answers
And she'll always be YOUR LC"

It is wunnerful, and deserves a poem in return (by TBT, we cant do this stuff sometimes ourselfs)...

"I thank you for your lovely poem

A Special Tribute dear.

It comforts me she has a home

Beyond this mortal weir.

She started hard, the vet did say,

With mites from ear to nose

And in her eyes, the rheum did stay

And glued her eyelids close.

She should go back, the vet did say

To where she came before.

But I knew she would surely die

If brought back to the store.

Her eyes were sealed, her senses dulled

Each time she fell asleep,

But she refused surrender, pulled

Herself to foodbowls deep.

Until I came back home each night

And moistened each dried eye.

Til she could open both  alight

And house again espy.

Sweet Skeeter was her constant friend.

He guided her around

With paw on back, he helped her fend

Her day without a sound.

And finally, a day came, when

She awoke with  eyes so clear

She never lost her sight again,

Of Brother Skeeter dear.

They never parted

Stayed together,

15 years  til one departed.

LC lasted one more year.

I know only that she knew,

It was time for her to go.

To find her dearest brother, who
Was over the Bridge Rainbow…

Mr Puddy, for yer lovely poem, we are sending you this award.  Its all yours, no one else can have it, and you need not do annything about it.  We would have put mousies and birdies all around it, but we arent good at that stuff...

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bridge Day

TBT:  Dear LC, can it be ONLY 3 years?  It seems like forever.  I know you are loving it over the Bridge and all that, but I sure miss you.  I know you and Skeeter are romping through the fields.  I know you are happy and healthy.  But I sure wish you were still here with me.

Forgive me that I stay around here for a while.  I have responsibilities for Ayla, Iza, and Marley these days.  When they join you over the Bridge, it will be about time for me to join them, you and Skeeter, and the others...

Your Glamour Pose...
Your early days...
Your first day out here.
Your fun with Skeeter...
Wait happily for me dear girl...

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Caturday Cubbyhole

IZA:  Ayla was nappin in this hidey spot earlier, so I decided to check it out fer myself.  If SHE can fit, I wanna fit!
 Hmm, a bit tight...
Well, I CAN fit!
 Not very comfy though.
There isnt enough space in here to settle down good...
 I think I'll get out now and find a spot with more space.  Wow, yould think Ayla was mousie-sized!