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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mr Chewy

We got an offer from Mr Chewy online sales a week ago.  We were thrilled!  FREE FOOD!

You can trust us that we won't lie about anything.  Someone offers us free stuff, we'll take it.  Marketing can be wunnerful.  But we won't say annything nice about a supplier iffen we don't like the products or service.

We have ordered canned food from a couple online sites before and we were VERY disappointed.  Many of the cans arrived dented so badly that The Big Thing judged them "unsafe to eat".  Of course, we dont wanna eat unsafe foods.  Yakking is bad enough, botulism is worse.

So naturally, the important thing ta us was that the cans of stinkey goodness arrive undamaged.

Well, guess what?  The cans from Mr Chewy arrived undented in the least degree!!!  Not the LEAST tiny dent.

Here is the box as it arrived. 
The packing...
The1st case of food wrapped up really tight...
The layer of cardboard inbetween.
The 2nd layer below.  Note that it had no protective packing around it.
The bottom of the box.  No packing material under it.
But See?  No dents annywhere.
 New flavors to us, by the way.  TBT decided to try new brands of foods.  Castor and Pollux chicken (we are poultry fanatics)...
 Halo (which we like) but Lamb flavor (which we dont know).
 A higher view...
OK, so the Mr Chewy cans arrived well.  But we  think they could use better packing.  The cases WERE loose in the box (SEE ABOVE 3rRD PICTURE) and with other online suppliers that resulted in seriously dented cans even in shrink-wrapped cases.  Dented cans = BAD...  We suspect Mr Chewy might have just been lucky in this shipment.  It was NOT packed well.  We would like to see a 2nd shipping experiment with Mr Chewy.

But that also  depends on the selection.  We hate to say this, but the local Petco has more of what WE want than Mr Chewy does.  

We like (for stinky goodness canned stuff) Soulistic Chicken; Halo Chicken, Turkey, and Lamb (separate flavors); Eukanuba Lamb with Rice and Gourmet Chicken; and Science Diet Culinary Creations Chicken.  We will sometimes eat Castor and Pollux chicken or Evo 95% chicken/turkey but they aren't favrits. And the Eukanuba chicken kibble is WAY cheaper at the local PetSmart.

Mr Chewy offered only Halo Chicken and Turkey today of all the brands/flavors that we wanted (only 2 of 7 brands/flavors).  We can get all the others (but Castor and Pollux Chicken which is kinna neutral fer us) at the local Petco and at better prices than at Mr Chewy (even with free shipping).

We thank Mr Chewy for the great coupon, but until he has a better selection, packing, and better prices than the local Petco, we will have The Big Thing hunt locally fer us.

Sorry Mr, Chewy.  We SAID we would be honest...

Monday, January 30, 2012

Empty Kibble Bag!

MARLEY:  While we were glad ta see all the stinky goodness om our pantry shelf, we had a scare today!  An empty kibble bag next to the trash can...
I looked inside it carefully, an there werent even anny crumbs!  We have heard TBT say that we eat too much of the dry stuff, so I was worried.
I called Iza over ta examine it too.
We discussed the situation...
Like, what iffen we arent gonna get annymore of it?
That could mean we are gonna get REAL treats, but it could mean we wont get anny kibble.  I mean, we LOVE the crunch.  Its like little mousie skulls...
So we dint know quite what ta do.
Then we noticed TBT standing there smilin.  An Ayla in the doorway laffin at us.
AYLA:  I had watched TBT in the basement fillin up the big quart jars from the bag while Marley an Iza were nappin earlier...  But I dint tell them when they woke up.  Gotta have SOME fun.  ;)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Food Sunday

YAY!  Its MORE FOOD DAY!  Our shelf was gettin kinna empty, so we told TBT he hadda go hunting again.  But he surprised us.  He hadda some boxes of food what had been brought RIGHT TO OUR DOOR couple weeks ago (but we dint know what it was then).
This is 2 whole layers deep.  There is room fer a 3rd layer, but he says there is a different brand comin an he wants ta mix it in with this stuff.  IF we like the flavor of it, of course...
Happiness is...  Seein LOTS of stinky goodness cans!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jumpin High

MARLEY:  I'm not the "effortless levitator" that Ayla is, but I finally HAVE gotten strong enough ta get up ta many of the places she thought were all her own.  Like the shoe rack ...  A few months ago, I could only jump up ta the middle shelf, an now I can get ta the top where the folded up towels (an sometimes food) are.

Needless ta say, Ayla is not thrilled.  I mean, we really DO get along great, but she thought that was HER private spot.

Its HER fault, of course.  Sometimes she wants ta eat her dinner on her own up on the shoe rack.  But she doesnt allus clean her bowl (somethin she used ta be famous for).  And I will follow the smell of food ANNYWHERE.  So I kept tryin to get UP there.  The first few times, I almost made it but ended up hanging from the top rack by my front paws, then droppin back ta the floor 5 feet below.
So, as ya can see, I can jump up there now.  I dont look all THAT thrilled, do I?
Thats because there is no foods up here this time!  What I smelled was a little blot of spillover from when there WAS food up here.
NOW, I gotta get down.  Which is not all that easy.  Its 5 feet down ta the floor.  Or over 3 feet down an 2 feet over ta the bed.  Ya know somethin?  It looks further DOWN than it looked UP!  Jumpin onto the bed is weerd cuz its a waterbed and it sinks and shakes when ya jump down on it.  Ayla lands softly like a shoe.  I land like a bowling ball.  I need ta watch Ayla more ta see how she does it.
Meanwhile, I think I'll just sit here until TBT comes by, and ask him for a lift ta the floor...


About the collars (from yesserday):  Well, first, our collars are on VERY loose.  TBT has a dread of us feelin restricted or even aware of them.  He makes sure several fingers fit under them without even pressing our furs.  Second, so they tend to come off still attached at the ends when we wrassle or even just scratch our necks.  In fact, TBT is convinced that Ayla can just walk right through her collar annytime she wants ("The Cat Who Walks Through Collars").  It DOES take me a little more effort.  Actally, Ayla LIKES her "pretty bloo collar", so shes not TRYIN ta get out of it.

Me, I kinna like mine too (it matches my eyes an several girlcats have commented on that), but Id rather not wear one. Im just not into BLING...

Lastly, we thought TBT would never find our collars, but ya know what?

He already had them in his pockets!!!  So we are wearin them again.  Oh well...

Friday, January 27, 2012


AYLA:  HEY!  Dont bite my leg...
OK, Ill bite YOUR butt!
We're even now.  So kiss an make up...
BTW, TBT dint even notice we had both ditched our collars until he saw these pictures.  Now I spose he'll go find them an put them back on us.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday 13

Remember doing this?

1.  TBT.
2.  Each Other.
3.  Warm house.
4.  Good Foods.

5.  Great Treats.
6.  Clean litterboxes.
7.  Great toys.
8.  Clean fresh water.
9.  Friends.
11.  Cat trees.
12.  Table meats.
13.  Blogging.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Introoder Cat

AYLA:  Sorry for the ratty picture, but this introoder cat was huntin OUR mioce yesserday evenin an this was the best picture we could get.
I yelled at him ta leave, but he wouldnt go until TBT rapped on the winder along with me...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Tail

MARLEY;  I can hardly believe it.  Both Iza AND Ayla rejected my grooming offers today.   Wouldnt play Mousies.  Wouldnt play King of the Cat Tree.  Wouldnt play THoE either.  So I am showing them...

The Tail of Annoyance.

Mebbe they are jealous that I have my OWN Gotcha Day an they hafta share one.  I hope they come to their senses tomorrow.

Mebbe I better check my breath.  But they should TELL me if that was bad, right?  But I'll be extra nice ta both of them on the sleepin bed tonight an get them out of their temporary bad mood.  Its what I do!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Tradin Places

AYLA:  We're jus tradin places on top of the fishie tank watchin ladder...

Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Gotcha Day!

MARLEY:  My first Gotcha Day HERE!  I can hardly beleef its only been 1 year, but TBT assures me it is. It feels like almost FOREVER!  Well, I hadda original Gotcha Day in December with Mom, but I made her all sneezy, so I hadda move on.  I loved her lots, but, well, sometimes things hafta change.

So TODAY is my Gotcha Day HERE.

It really HAS werked out good.  Ayla is my bestest buddy an older sisfur.  She grooms me alla time.  An even hissy Iza has come around to me.  We all sleep together, curl up on TBT's lap together, and play mousie-batting and King of the cat tree together.  You should see us at THoE some nights!

Apparently, it is traditional-like ta show old pictures.  Well, I'm only1, so they aren't very old. but here goes...

Stretching out on the cat-smelly carpet...
Stretching out again...
Playing with a cool toy,
Eating great stinkey goodness.
Sitting in the cat tree TBT made.
Listening to Ayla purrin unner the door...
Purrin back.
 Playin with a squeeky mousie.  Man that was GREAT!
My first meeting with Iza.  See her ears flat back?  I solved that by being my nice friendly self and just sitting in my spot.
And she pooffed.  I solved that with love too.  It only took 2 Big Moons.
Here I am playin in the WHOLE HOUSE out in it fer the first time.  I felt right at home...  TBT picked me up on his lap an I dint feel scared at all.  He dint get no pictures of that though.  But Ayla an Iza were pretty good to me an TBT was GREAT.  I felt like I belonged, ya know what I mean?

TBT asked me iffen I wanted a big party, and I said well "no".  I'm just happy ta be here.  But all my friends are welcome ta come by fer foods and treats.  We DO have some turkey and chicken, an there are crunchy treats and some fresh Nip...

I just feel too young ta make a big deal of it.  TBT just read that an said I was a boycat after his own heart.  That sounds good enough ta me.  Well, technically, I'm a mancat now, but I know what he means.  Plenty of time in the future fer big parties.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

MY Turn

AYLA:  Well I FINALLY get to describe MY play with the new toys!  I can REALLY get my nose into fevvery stuff...
I liked the many-color soft ball...
An I liked the bloo mousie a lot.  In fact, I carried it away an hid it.
Well, ya can see it matches my collar, so it MUST be mine.  I play with it in my secret place in the closet...

Friday, January 20, 2012

Mystery, Unsolved, Solved, Unsolved, and Solved Again

THE BIG THING:  We have/had a MYSTERY!  It was unsolved a month ago, solved and unsolved again a few weeks ago, but was solved again last night (which required some fast re-writing)!

When Skeeter and LC were kittens, there was this very old toy that predated them.  It may even have predated Tinkerbelle (1982-1999?), but I'm not sure.  It is ANCIENT.  It was a simple yellow plastic ball (like a plastic golf ball) that unscrewed in halves.  It had small holes in it.  You unscrewed it, put in some Nip powder (the way it came before we learned we could grow it ourselves), and the cat batted it around to sniff the Nip that fell out.  I THINK it was originally included in a box of 1980s Hartz Mountain powdered catnip!

I know I had it when I moved here in 1986 with Tinkerbelle.  She LOVED it!  But it disappeared "sometime" when Skeeter and LC were here.

When I got Iza as a kitten, she started pooping under the stairs to the basement.  The understairs were pretty much enclosed by some storage areas I built around it, a workbench, and I stored excess house supplies (like extra ceiling tiles and floorboards) in there but a cat could get in there to poop.  When I realized that, I crawled in the space to clean it up. 

Iza (she had kittenish pooping issues) had been pooping on the exposed ceiling tiles, ruining them.  So I crawled in and cleaned everything up one day, removing the soiled ceiling tiles.  I used heavy-duty staples to attach chicken wire to the workbench side, and I covered the crawl-in space opening with 2 old stereo speakers.

But as I was cleaning around in there, I spotted a small yellow shape barely visable way under the last step, through layers of spider webs covered with accumulated dust..  It was the ancient Nip Ball! 

I cleaned it, filled it, and offerred it to Iza.  It promptly disappeared again.  I looked EVERYWHERE for it for weeks.  No luck!  I thought this was the end of the story again...

And that is where this tale stood until last night!

They also have a 9 Lives orange ping pong ball with some BBs in it to make it rattle as it moves.  Also recently found again (suddenly appearring after months).  They chased it behind a curtain.  I went looking for it.  Not finding it where I expected it, I kept moving along.  To a spot I probably haven't looked at in years!  Its the 3 inches between my bookcases and the wall behind the curtains in the corner.  I've stuck a few odd items there. 

The space holds the heavy round glass turntable from a previous M/V oven (assumed to be useful for "something"), 25' of curled up siphoning tube I haven't used in years, and a pair of those interfitting circles you use to hold fabric tight to embroider on.  The place where unused "useful" things get stashed...

AND the missing refillable Nip Ball!!!  I have filled it with fresh Nip and the cats LOVE it.  I have seen it in several rooms today,  I hope it doesn't vanish again...

So that is our Mystery, now solved.  For now anyway.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Turn!

MARLEY:  I get ta show off playin with the new toys today.  Well I did that 2 days ago but I SHOW it today.  Ya know what I mean...

But I had a great time playin!  The wand toy was GREAT!
 I werked that over big time...
An there were attachments ta the wand.  But TBT just tossed me one all separate-like cuz he knew i LOVE big fuzzies.
I went all "Iza" on it fer a hour.

Then THIS got tossed in front of me.  Big fuzzy thing!  I spent some time with THAT too.  While Iza was on the bloo mousie.  And I cant wait ta get at THAT too.
 But that big fuzzie is MY style of toy.
 Hah, got my turn with the bloo mousie!  It IS good!
 I went at it every whichway...
But then there was a DIFFERNT fuzzy!  Oh Bast, thank you fer all these neat new toys... 
An THEN I gotta shot at the new Orangey mouse!  It was hiding in the kitchen!  Right next ta MY food bowl.  Stupid mousie, I always look there...
Ayla has her storey ta tell about the new toys, but she has agreed ta wait a day cuz we have a SOLVED MYSTERY to post about tomorrow.