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Saturday, August 04, 2012

An Awardie!

Wow, Nerissa gave us this fabulous new awardie! 
We were given it by Mario Da Cat!  Long may his tail wave high!!!

And then tell you 7 things that We love and think about daily.   

1.  Ayla...  I love milk rings fer toys.
2.  And I love sitting up high.

3.  Marley... I will chase a bouncing crunchy down the whole staircase.
4.  And Over and Over again.

5.  Iza...  I dated SPITTY!
6.  And HE loved it...  An he BETTER!

7.  TBT..  I love you ALL!

Now we gotta pass this along.  The last awardie we got went ta new blogger kitties, so this one goes to long-time friends.

1.  Chey
2.  Alasandra
3.  Herman's Hideaway
4.  Katnip Lounge
5.  Spitty Speaks

There are SO many friends, so we each picked one an TBT picked 2.  So we hope we are off the hook about favrits...  As TBT said in #7...