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Friday, January 01, 2016

New Year

US:  Well, apparently, it is a New Year.  Feels about the same as yesserday.  TBT says it is all sort of symbolic.  Something about "new beginnings", "out with the old, in with the new",  "looking both behind and forward", etc.

We unnerstand that last one best.  It is allus wise to look both ahead of you AND behind.  Ya know, like ya dont want to miss something good in front of ya, but its also smart ta make sure nothin is sneaking up on ya.  He says that isnt QUITE what that means, but it werks fer US!

He says what it means is that doors go both ways.  Well, DUH!  WE go through doors each way a lot.  Like here we are all IN an wanna be OUT.

And of course we got OUT (it being daytime and decent weather).
And not long after that, we were all waiting ta get IN (it being time fer our 2nd breakfast).

One of the things we sure know about are DOORS!

So mebbe we know more about IN and OUT than before and after, old and new, whatever.

But, OK, its 2016 now and not 2015 annymore.  Yippee.