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Saturday, June 30, 2012


Yeah, its a previous picture, But I was on his lap again while TBT dint have the camera available.  So its OK.
He was wavin a toy around by the tail...  
I dint MEAN ta make his finger bleed, but he was slower than TBT an I dint know.

He got me confoosed with Skeeter an LC who came before an dint have claws.  So I'll try ta be more careful NEXT time.

Friday, June 29, 2012

More New Condo Location

AYLA:  OK, Iza got up a "bit".
 But I'M still on top.
I intimidate her with glares and  poise...
See how uncomfortable she looks?
Shes got her lasers turned on, but it doesnt do her anny good.
I'd let Marley up here though,  I love him ta bits.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Greetins, thanks fer coming by fer another garden tour!

The hydrangeas are in full bloom.  They are funny.  The flowers are green when they open (an there arent many green flowers I ever seen), but then they turn white.  Well, TBT says thay are called "snowballs" an that makes sense.

Ya can see why, here all close up...
The Monarda (bee balm) are bloomin now.  The bees love it.  Oh!  I guess thats where the name comes from...  Annyway, there are red ones an pink ones.  TBT says he gots too much of his garden fer flowers he wants to plant like all wild in the middle of the yard where he cant mow (long story I'll save fer later).
Heres some of the NEW stuff!  These are Wave Petunias like we got elsewhere, but they are differnt.  There are 2 colors in each one,  Thats strange.  They are purply-bloo an pink.  That lil plant right in the middle is a fancy grass what is all stripey an will get LOTS bigger next year.  So it needs some friends fer THIS year.  NO, not the big one at the top, the LITTLE one in front of it.
See the petunias closer?  I think there are really THREE colors there.  A lavender one extra.  I'll watch it close ta see as the weeks go along.
The coneflowers are bloomin now, too.  I like them cuz the bloom a really long time.
Come around behind them on the path.  See how nice they look overlookin the small annuals in the front?  
An see how the bees love THEM too.  Bees love ALL flowers of course, but they love some a little more than others.
The stokesia are still bloomin after a 3rd week.  Not much longer though.  Still, there are some unopened buds left, so it will stay a while.
This is the prettiest new flower in the garden.  Its a Heather.  We've never had THOSE before.  It seems ta be a polite well-behaved flower, so mebbe TBT will get more of them.  I likes well-bahaved flowers that dont just go wandering all over the place or try to take over of flowers's' spaces.
Thanks fer coming along on my garden tour this week.  TBT has a surprise fer our apres-tour snacks.  He left the big toolshed garage door up!  So first, the cement floor is nice an cool.  Second, this is lots of gritty stuff ta roll around on.  Third, he has lined up a Sampler-Pack of the foods that arrived from Mr Chewy today!

The varius bowls have 3 Halo Spots Stew flavors, 3 Max Cat flavors, a Wellness, an an Avoderm, an 2 Canins!  A veritable smorgasbord fer us all.  Best of all, there is a whole bowl of Nip Slings (hot chickie broth poured over Nip leafs an then chilled!  Enjoy...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bed, Rediscovered

AYLA:   Ah...
Princess-sized!  An no peas unnerneath.  I would know...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Surveying My Domain

AYLA: I AM in charge here.
I'M the princess, overlooking the pee-ons.
Watchin Iza walkin around, tail up, in her delusions...
 I AM in charge here, even if Iza keeps thinkin SHE is.
Poor girl...  I have MUCH longer whiskers, an that matters.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Bunny Munday

We love our Bird TV an our Evil Skweerl TV, but Bunny TV is rare.

We got that channel yesserday!
 Where's the Bunny?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Easy Like Sunday

IZA:  We have been enjoyin the new OLD cat tree at the NEW location since Grampa moved in.

The top platform is SO much more innerestin in the Living Room.
I took it over...
 But it attracted attention.
Marley started up it, while Ayla watched.
Then there were all 3 of us. My "Queen Of The Hill" status is vaguely threatened!   ACK!
But when I complained, Ayla went over ta the new one fer the high spot (naturally).
Marley took the 2nd highest but left me alone.
Whew!  So we are havin an Easy Sunday here too.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Vishus Deer Attack!

We saw a Vishus Deer in the front yard last night!  TBT had just glanced out the window and turned away when the motion detector lights came on.  There was a Vishus Deer standing right there lookin up into the window at us!  Ooh, they are bold...

TBT tried ta get a picture of it, but all that came out was its laser-eyes.  We ducked so it couldnt hurt us, but TBT just stood right there.  Vishus Deer dont worry TBT.

Ecept that he discovered this morning that it got mad at us and ate the leafs off the front row of our bootiful hostas!  We are all very upset. 

This picture shows the BIG CHOMP a Vishus Deer can take.  Granted, that was a plant, but we know it left that ta warn us off how it can bite!
We suggested putting out the Have-A-Hart trap, but he said it wouldnt fit in there.  He is gonna set up the game camera.  First, ta get a better picture iffenit comes back (which after finding the tastey hostas, probably will), and second, hoping the sudden flashy-light might scare it away.

Failing that, he will put bird netting over the hostas.  That ought to stop it from biting the leafs off.  Purrsonally, WE hope it EATS the net an chokes!!!  Cuz we sure dont want it stealthively staring at us at night. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Watchin TV

AYLA:  Some of us love watchin tennis, some like acrobatics; I love watchin golf!  I sit right up close so I can watch the balls move around.

I can see the balls move even at high speed!  TBT says he knows that cuz Im allus lookin at the right place.  (Its hard though)
Its a LOT easier when the balls move slower, like here.
I like seein Beins all tiny-like...
Yes, there is a ball in the air here.  Its hard ta see, so TBT (an Grampa) actally watch where IM lookin.
This is tricksie when there are shadows, but Im lookin right AT the ball.
The waving little flags are fun ta watch too...
Here, Im checking the leader board.  Our favrit, Furyk, was near the top.  Well, I LIKE anny Bein with "fur" in the name.
But he dint win.  We were all sads.  It was still ecitin ta watch though...

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Thank you for coming along fer todays garden tour!  There is some new stuff, plus some stuff what grown from last week.
First, I wanna show off the Stokesia, big time!  Theyre nice from far away...
But they look a lot nicer close up!
An look at the STUFF on them.
Pretty little painted lady butterflies (we think).
Such nice colors.
And ya can see their skinny bodies from above!
Then follow me.  We got the Golden Rain trees in bloom out front here...  They are covered with tiny little yeller flowers that look like they "raining" from the tree.
Ya can see the whole tree from over here...
 An theres the two hosta beds on either side on the front steps.  This one on the left is the one what has all the daffodils in Spring.  It is all hostas an ferns now.
See the little purple flowers up close?  They are nice, but TBT grows the plants fer the leafs that stay all Summer/Fall.
This is the left side of the front steps.  There are big hostas there too, but the smaller green an white plants are "Snow-On-The-Mountain" from New Hampster 20 years ago.  They keep growin no matter how TBT tries to kill them (er, "move them around").
An finally, see the little goldiefish?  We dint know it was still alive!  TBT stuck his hands in the pond an hauled out a bucket of nasty stringy algae ta give it more room ta swim around.  He says he will give it a coupla friends ta swim around with this week.
NO, it isnt fuds!

But there ARE fuds up on the deck.  Ayla says she chose something strange this week.  Cooked pork fat!  I know, I know, but just try it.  WE love it...  And there are Niptinis too.