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Friday, July 13, 2018

Freaky Friday

AYLA:  Sometimes TBT is just eating his dinner when we want to get on his lap.  He sure eats slower than WE do.  But it means we cant sit on his lap.

So we sit around near him.  I mean, ya know, we want ta be close ta him most of the time.  So it gets tricky sometimes.

Iza struggles to sit on the arms of his eating chair, but she allus eventually "taps" his bare arm with her claws slightly out and gets set down on the floor gently.  Marley has a talent for just sitting on TBTs leg and not bothering him otherwise.

I'm kinna twitchy about his lap.  Iffen he he is busy with his L-O-N-G slow dinner, I never even try.  But I do often sit nearby.

So Iza and I found ourselves BOTH sitting on the desk next ta him...  Peacefully...
We were both waiting for laptime.  Iza gets more, so she is more patient.  
That darn Iza can sleep on ANYTHING!  A remote is fine...*
That didnt leave a really good spot fer ME, though.   There was this long thing on the only good spot I could find. 
Really, did it HAVE do be there?  I couldn't relaxicate very well.
I probly should have meowed about it...

We all got individual laptime later, of course...  I was first (Iza was napping). 

*  TBT here:  She changed the channels 3 times before I finally took it away.  And did you notice that camo fleece?  I use it to support my knee when the cats are on my lap sometimes.  But this time, I stuck it under her head when I took the remote away and she never ever woke up, LOL!...