Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Werdy Wensday

Hey, we got more weerd werd verification werds ta share!

1.  Uncon - Reverse a trick or scam
2.  Skinarc - That incision scar
3.  Ophoc - An almost bad werd ta say
4.  Datio - An enclosed place for doggies (as opposed to Catio)
5.  Pantri - Where our Stinky Goodness is kept
6.  Mommish - Female human type actions
7.  Doods - Generic malecat group term
8.  Teduebyt - "To Do By Tomorrow"
9.  Riacter - One of those atomic power plants

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Twisted Box Tuesday

AYLA:  I am feeling a bit grumpy today.  No particular reason, just "I Want To Be Alone" for a while.  So to spare the fambly my grumpiness, I am sittin in this box inna corner with my lazers on...
Mebbe it was that cricket I ate...

Monday, August 29, 2011

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  I was just glancing at the TV as I passed by and I was stunned.  Apparently there are orange Beins out there somewhere.  Orange like ME!

I had to jump right up an look at them close as possible...
An they seem to growl a lot, too.
From what I saw later, they love to pounce an wrassle, an they seem to be mighty hunters.  I definitely have to find out more about these Beins!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  Well, we got through the hurricane just fine!  The lights dint go out, no water got into the house, and we had safe places to sleep.

In fact, towards morning, the strong winds had all calmed down and the rain sounded about normal, so we all got up on the bed and slept together.

Yes, a real kitty pile!
Of course, with TBT up and about, we started ta wake up too.
Marley especially was ready ta get up and started ta stretch.
Cuz when TBT gets up in the morning, it BREAKFAST TIME...

TBT went out after that ta look around the yard.  There was some fallen branches an stuff, but thats not OUR concern, so ya can see pictures about all that on HIS blog, HERE.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Big Storm

MARLEY:  Well, I was espectin ta have ta argue with Ayla and Iza about who got to report on the Irenesstorm, but they just laffed an said that was "silly boycat stuff".  They are just nappin on the bed all day...

Good!  I can do this all myself...  I am checking out all the windows (an TBT is helpin me look out the garage windows cuz they dont have sills ta jump up on).

2 PM - We have almost a whole inch already.  It only started rainin a couple hours ago.  The TV shows the serious rain about a short nap away.  Ayla says the rain is fallin from an odd direction.  Hmmm, I hadnt noticed that.  I must get more observant!

4:45 PM - We got to 2" rain.  The wind is blowier, I dint know that little tree out front could move back and forth so much!  One of the big trees threw a couple minor branches at the wind, but tht dint stop it anny.  Innerestingly, the hummer birds seem able ta fly in all this just fine.  I been watchin the feeder at the deck an Ayla been watching the one near the basement front window.

8:45 PM - Wow, 3.5 " of rain now.  The TV guy says we may get 6".  Its getting blowier, too!  I occurred to TBT that the hummer bird was sitting at the feeder all the time cuz it is both under the roof and on the unwindy side of the house.  Smart little birdie!

9:45 PM - Well, we just got to 4" of rain.  And apparently we are just getting a band of heavy rain over us that should last an hour.  It sure is NOISEY!

We Are Watching You, Irene!

Marley:  I am watchin outside as best I can fer the coming of that IRENE Big Storm!  I wanna let TBT, Ayla an Iza know at the first hint.  That because it is MY job as mancat ta protect them.  I take the job all serious-like...
I am getting the best looking-spot...
And I am waiting patiently fer rain and wind.  
Well, not anny YET.  I will go around ta the other windows.  I'm not sure what direction this Irene thing will attack from.
I hope I get extra treats for all this werk!  But that's not why I'm doing this.  Just that extra treats are allus welcome.  When yer the Mancat of the house, sometimes ya have ta do these things fer free.

So I checked the pantry.  Plenty of stinky goodness and treats there.  I checked TBT pantry too.  Not much there, but there is cans of soup.  An he says he has plenty of fresh veggies and fruit and frozen-hard-cold foods.  So I guess he is OK an we are all prepared.

I'll go check the basement too.  No cameras allowed down there; too messy.  But I can prowl around.

Ayla and Iza are nappin on the bed, an TBT is putting away the washed dishes.  The drapes in front of the cat trees was closed for the night, but I asked him to open them so I could keep watch outside.  He opened them just for me.

But he also mentioned that nothing is gonna happen til TOMORROW night.  Well, I want to get practiced an this BIG STORM stuff is kinna new ta me.  Its no good finding a problem when you haven't practiced fer it first!  I like to be a PRACTICED kinna kitty, ya know?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Big Storm Approaching

MARLEY:  We heard there is a big storm coming, an we noticed TBT was putting stuff away outside an bringing some stuff inside, so I thought mebbe I should find some hiding places.

This looks like a good spot...
I can fit behind here.
Ayla an Iza say they are just gonna nap on the bed an go unner it iffen things get too noisy outside.  I'll probly do that too, but it is good ta have a backup plan.

We hope all the East Coast kitties have their plans made too...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our 5th Blogiversary!

THE BIG THING:  I guess I should write this, since it was originally Skeeter and LC and they are over the Bridge now.  And naturally Ayla, Iza, and Marley don't remember the beginning.

On August 25, 2006, I was reading a cat blog.  I THINK it was Max The Psychokitty, and I saw a little button at the top that said "Start your own free blog".  I asked Skeeter and LC about that, and they said "YES"!  So I did, and away we went.  The first few days were difficult because we didn't know how to make most features work.  And Skeeter and LC didn't know the right words for many common household objects.  The deck door was "the clear wall that opened", for example.  But from the start, it was their blog, so they had to learn how to describe things.

We didn't know how to post pictures at first.  That took a week, and all we had were a few older "glamor pictures" from when they were younger.  Scanning film photos, then downloading and uploading them was a real challenge at first.

I bought my first digital camera to make new pictures easier.  Skeeter and LC started the first weeks talking about their Gotcha Days and past years.  They were 14 and 13 when we started.  I named the blog after them, not thinking of the future.

It was a whole week before we got our first comments.   The Meezers were the first, followed by The Zoo, George/Tipper/Max/Misty, and Derby.  We were thrilled!

The next two years were great.  But Skeeter went over the Bridge in Dec 2008 and LC followed him in Jan 2010.  It was a hard 13 months.
But there were good things, too.  Ayla had joined us in Jan 2008 and Iza in Jan 2009.  So there was some overlap in "goings and comings".  It did not lessen the losses, but it did provide some sense of continuation.  The losses of Skeeter and then LC were hard, but I firmly believe that "when one door closes, another door opens".  And I have always felt that 3 cats was "just right" for me.

Ayla came to me because I had contacted a siamese cat breeder and mentioned that if she ever had a cat that didn't meet her "show standards", I would be interested in it.  Ayla was too small and shy to be a Queen (which is why I call her a Princess).

Her 1st day here...

A year later, the same breeder had a meezer who had smudged colors and not good for breeding.  I took her in.  In an odd way, I am a rescuer of failed show cats (you are supposed to smile, not frown).

I initially called her "Smudge" but went back to the 'Clan of the Cave Bear' books by Jean Auel (where I got the name for Ayla) .  Properly, she woukld have been named "Uba" (Ayla's half sister), but I just couldn't imagine called calling "Uba, Uba, Uba" at night.  "Iza" was Ayla's adoptive Clan mother, but the name seemed better.  It is pronounced "EEZA" here.

Iza's 1st day...
Iza was slow to come out of the guest room.  Not a surprize looking back because she is satisfied with things as they come.  She has "patience".

I have since realized that Iza is actually a Tonkinese and her colors are quite proper for her, but at the time she was another siamese without a future.  And I consider her an honorary meezer.

When LC left for the Bridge suddenly in Jan 2010, I realized I had to change the blog name and email address.  I decided on the more permanent and generic "Mark's Mews".  The "Mews" part was good.  It can mean the sound cats make, cats themselves, "mews" is an old term for a human residence above animals, and it means a "hideaway".  All fit...

The latest change was the welcoming of Marley in Jan 2011.  Ayla and Iza were good cats, but I sensed something was missing in the house dynamics.  They were getting hissy at each other and not dealing well one-on-one after LC went to the Bridge.  I recalled how Skeeter seemed to keep the peace between Mean Old Tinkerbelle (the cat who came before) and LC, and concluded (however illogically) that an orange/white male cat would provide the balance.

Some of you may remember how I searched local animal shelters for a young orange/white male cat, only to find after many inquiries that each one had to be adopted with a brother.  It was hard.  3 cats yes, four cats no.  That's just me and my habits and situation.  I had 4 cats once, and it was one too many.  Every one has a puurfect number.  Mine is 3.

So, in January 2011, I was advised of a single young orange/white male cat on Craig's List in need of a home.  His owner had discovered she was allergic to cats.  When I visited, I could tell she was a very nice person and loved Marley very much, but just couldn't keep him.  There was apparently some competition for him, but my description of the house, yard, and personal attention he would receive (it is good to be retired and home all day) won me his presence in my life.

And there is Marley!

1st Day...

And Marley's presence is both personally wonderful, but also so beneficial in a cat household sense.  Marley has related to both Ayla and Iza in a way that solved the hissyfits better than Felliway ever did.  He calmed both of them down, plays with both, snuggles with both, eats in the middle bowl (Ayla and Iza never liked eating next to each other), has gotten them both more interested in toys, and bet of all, they all sleep together.

With Ayla's FINALLY successful (3rd) spay operation, she has become more playful and affectionate.  But Marley had a lot to do with that as well.  Even before the last operation, Ayla was attuned to Marley more than Iza, but now they are ALL happy together.

The best part about this 5th Blogiversary is that I have 3 happy cats who all get along very closely, and with me.  All seem extremely healthy, and I can expect a good 12-14 years of catly bliss.

When I get the cat-proof fencing installed over the next month or so, I will be able to let them back out in the yard.  Iza is always safe to let out because she can't BEGIN to climb the fence.  But Ayla and Marley can, so they are all indoor cats for now.  I look forward to the day when they can all join me outside again while I work in the flowerbeds and garden like Skeeter and LC could in their days.

On this 5th Blogiversary, life is good, the cats are happy.  What else could I ask?

Well, here is our very 1st blog post...  A good way to close this great day, I think.

Mark, "The Big Thing" to the cats

UPDATE 8:30 a.m.:  Well, we werent expectin so many visitors, but since there are kitty-friends all around the place, we decided to make it a full blown party.  WHY NOT?  Anny reason is a GOOD reason!  

TBT thawed a ham an roasted a whole chickie hen, and Marley is tending the Nip Bar (being newly ascended to "Mancat", he is pawsitively and purrfectly fascinated of mixing drinks).  TBT has dumped all the toys into the several rooms and brought out the Never-Ending Kibble Gadget.

We are dividing the visitors into "indoor" and "outdoor-allowed kitties.  Outdoor-allowed kitties can come outside with Iza.  Rest assured that the ENTIRE Big Backyard in surrounded by a "safe" fence.  Go get after those voles and mousies!!!    And bring a few inside for the others to play with.

For the indoor-only kitties, we have the several cat trees ta climb, boxes ta jump in an out of, an bags all over.  And dont ignore the new 3-cat bed we got as a prezzie yesserday.  We want ta see how many can fit in there!  We say 3, but TBT says he bets 5 can fit.  Let's find out!

There are hummerbird watching spots in 2 basement windows an one upstairs.  They come around regular, so just sit quietly an be patient.  An iffen they dont come fast, ya will get scritches from TBT.  He's good at that.  An he usally has treats in his pockets, so demand some iffen ya get bored waitin fer the hummers.

There will be KotH an THoE later.

Rumor has it that a BRAND NEW ROLL of TP will be available fer unrolling, too.  About Noon, we think.  Come one come all!

This has turned into a surprise party!

Ayla has even agreed ta lay backside an show off her BIG exploratory surgery scar. Suitably talented kitties are welcome to help her get a good tattoo so other vets will know she been spayed a few times...

Ignore Iza when she says there is a charge fer viewing Ayla's scars...  It's free.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Whisker Hump Wensday

IZA:  Well, I missed it last week, so Im doing it THIS week.  Whisker Hump Wensday...  I have some good ones.  Ayla an Marley dont hardly even have whisker pouches, but TBT says I look like a regular vacuum cleaner (aka sucky machine).  So here goes...

Front on...
And again.
Left side...
And right side!
In case you are wondering, "yes, I exercise"...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Holy Cod, we just had an EARTHQUAKE.  In MD!  The whole house shook an the fish tank water slopped out...  Apparently in centered in VA.  More later...

LATER:  Well, we finally unpoofed, although we have been demanding extra attention from TBT.  BTW, he added all our personal details about  it HERE

Missing Misses Peaches

Thank you to Jan's Funny Farm for the graphic...

We miss Misses Peaches because she was always polite and kind to us the few times we visited.  She always offerred us a cup of tea.  She enquired after our health.  She always asked about our Beings and friends. 

She was always the most purrfect hostess...

We miss her very much.  And now she is gone over the Bridge.  Well, it is good she will meet Skeeter and LC.  There is sure to be a crowd hoping to show her around the Bridge, and there are probly those who knew her better.

But all will want to escort Misses Peach to every corner of the Bridge World for all the years to come.  She will have a great time there.

She was THAT special...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  Ayla has her hidey-hole, an Iza has pretty much taken over the highest platform on our cat trees, so I need a place ta call my own!  I watched Iza open this door a few times.  She can open it from the bottom, but I cant.  So I figured away to do it from the top.

Ayla loves to get inside, but cant open it on her own, an Iza doesnt bother going in annymore.  So when I want some ME-time, this is where I go.

I stand up an grab the top with a claw.  Then I pull.
Then I have ta drop down an get my head in the openin.  As ya can see here, that doesnt always werk.  Sometines the door closes again too fast, or I am too slow gettin my head down.
But eventually I get it open enough ta get my head in.
Then a bit of wiggling...
An the rest of me can follow!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Easy Like Sunday

MARLEY:  Well a pillow is where ya find it!  I haveta admit that this was not the position we started out in this afternoon, but a little wiggling and turnin can get ya in strange situations sometimes...  At least Ayla, being a Princess, doesnt fart!
But I DO think this pillow needs a little fluffing up!  I'll just tread on it a bit an push some too.
AYLA:  ACK!!!  Watch those claws, Buddy, you have a paw within biting range...

Friday, August 19, 2011

Caught On Camera!

AYLA AND MARLEY:  We both got caught doin somethin we almost NEVER get caught doin!


The camera musta had fresh batteries or somethin...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Yeah, its Thursday again!  I love doing the garden tour...
Most of the perennials are out of bloom right now.  The Fall asters are just beginning to bud, so we will see them soon.  Only the black-eyed susans are in full bloom at the moment.  They ARE lovely, though!
So we will be seeing the annuals again this week.  The wave petunias are spreading nicely.
We do have a NEW flower in bloom.  These forget-me-nots  have finally gotten big enough to show off some flowers!
The red wave petunias are doing better.  Notice that there are LOTS of buds.
The white wave petunia has lots more flowers though.
The yeller marigolds have both lots of flowers AND lots of buds too.
The salvia is branching out with more flowers...
Now lets go up on the deck for some snacks.  The good news is that we have leftover HAM and Cream De Nip from the party!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Morning After The Night Before...

IZA:  Well, it sure was innerestin when we got up this morning!  I got up first.  Well Ayla and Marley were kinna whacked from all the ecitement.  I was surprised ta see a few kitties still here.  But that means it was a slam dang good party!

I pawed at TBT til he got up and pointed out the leftover kitties.  THAT woke him up fast!  Two were up on top of the bookcases, asking for help to get down.  He asked them how they got UP there.  They said they couldn't remember.

It was THAT kind of party...

I pointed out that iffen they teleported back home from such a height, they would fall that far.  So he got the stepladder and helped them down to the floor.  One promptly teleported home.  The other needed some treats and water and vanished while we werent looking. 

The two unner the bed needed a little more time.  No problem there.  We checked the garage next.  There was an orange kittie sleeping on the hood.  When we woke him up (carefully carefully). he blinked a couple times and poofed out home (thanking us for the party first).  Good guest!

And in turn, WE have to thank ALL OF YOU for attending our party and making it such a success!  We are pretty sure that, at least one time, there was a kitty every square yard and that means there were a LOT!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We are SURE gonna remember this party a long, long, time!

Iza, Ayla, and Marley

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


AYLA and MARLEY:   We is both celerybratin TODAY!

AYLA: First, because I got my stitches out and the "Blue Meanie" collar off!  That's a great reason to have a party!  Plus, Dr Jeffrey says I probly wont EVER go inna heat again.  That is beyond great; it was practically a lifestyle.  I may even get to go outside again inna few weeks!  But Marley has great news too!

MARLEY:  Second, because (and by no means last), ITS MY 1ST BIRFDAY!  I am truly a MANCAT today!  I CAN HAS NIPTINIS an Meowguritas an I am gonna have one of EACH today.  But I'm secretly happier fer Ayla getting the stitches an collar off, ya know? 

BOTH:  So we are havin one slam-bang, ding-dong, supercalifragilisticexpialidotious party today through tomorrow until we both drop!  And we hope you will all join us...

To the tune of 'Our Favorite Things' (adapted):

"Nipdrops on roses and whiskers on mittens
Bright rattley mousies and warm fuzzy kittens
Brown paper bags all arranged on the floor
What cats could ask for just annythin more?

Green colored wand toys and bird flavor chewies
Cat trees and condos and licking our toesies
Evil skwerls falling from trees at our feet
These are the things that we think of as neat!

Beins in costumes that look so peculiar
Things that TBT does to make life easier
Bits of real meat that fall down to the floor,
How could we ever ask annythin more?

When the rain falls, when the fleas bite
When we're feeling mad,
We simply remember our favorite things,
And then we just feel so glad!"

Now here's the party plan:





Cream DeNip


UPDATE:  NOON - Marley has his first adult cat drink!  After careful consideration, he has decided to go with the classic NIPTINI!  We observe the event...

UPDATE:  The next round of THoE will be at 3 p.m EDT.  There will be 2 events.  The first will be a straight Hallway Run, followed by 2  Staircase Runs (1 up and 1 down).  Winners will get first shot at the electronic squeaky mice TBT has unwrapped! 

Update:  6 p.m. - We forgot to announce about the THoE race results.  Um, some kitties won.  But it didn't occur to us that there are SO MANY kitties here that TBT couldnt recognize all of them!  When he asked the group who won each event, a bunch raised their paws fer each one and various OTHER kitties agreed with each of them.  Sadly, we were setting out food and didnt see who actually won each race.  All he knows fer sure is that the Hallway Run winner was Orange, the Downstairs Run winner was Tabby, and the Upstairs Run winner was a Meezer.  So TBT divided all the kitties into 3 rooms an tossed an electronic squeaky mouse inta each room for general play.  It seems to have werked out well, evry kitty says they got a whap an made it squeek!

UPDATE:  The next big event is at 9 p.m.  The fancy Party cake will be presented to Ayla and Marley.  It is a salmon an ham cake (2 layers, one of each) with cream cheese and Nip sprinkle frosting.  I (Iza) will be doing the cutting and plating, assisted discreetly by TBT.   

Niptinis, Meowguritas, and Cream DeNip drinks will be set out in small bowls all around.  Iffen ya get tired of lapping, pass it on...

UPDATE:  9:15 p.m. - That was a great Party Cake ceremony!  30 kitties singing The Birfday Song fer Marley, and then a Great Meowing fer Ayla an her gettin free from the Heats (an the stitches an collar)!  Thank you all!  Don't worry about all the cream cheese frosting on the floor.  TBT has a wet cleaner maschine to take care of that!    

And the reward fer us ALL is...  TBT has opened the door into the garage.  We can all esplore in there as long as we want.  There are good things there.  I (Iza) found a worm an a blue-tail skink yesserday.  Dont be afraid of the car.  It is asleep an there are soft spots to nap all through it.  An the hood is WARM!  TBT did that JUST FOR ALL OF US.

UPDATE:  The final events for tonight are TWO!  First is box-hopping.  10 boxes are arranged on the floor and two on a table.  The fastest time to hop in and out of all of them all gets the best treats we have.  The order of hopping is up to you!  The second event is climbing from the floor to the top of the tallest cat tree platform.  TBT will time that.

UPDATE: Well darn that Marley!  He was so Nipped up, he won all the last events!  He shouldn't have entered, but thank you for letting him win.  So, instead, we are handing out "goodie baskets" to all the kitties.   Each one has a bit of ham, turkey, lobster claw, a bit of fresh nip from several guests, a rattley fevver-butt mousie, and a piece of the salmon/ham cake!

Thank you every one of you for attending our double celebration party.  We are gonna collapse onto TBT in bed now...

Best day of our lifes!!!