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Friday, August 31, 2012

OK, We Are Prepared Mebbe

WE HOPE WE ARE PREPARED!  We have a lot of toys in the bedroom and basement (so we are ready depending on where we end up hiding), we have TBT making sure we got foods, we are ready ta hear a big machine putting BIG BUNDLES of new roof stuffs on the old roof, later today, and the tomorrow, there will be all the hammering noise most all day. 

There BETTER be treats involved...  Fer a WEEK!  Or the litter boxes will get seriously unused...

We are all hidin unner the bed.  UTB, ya know.  Did we mention we were hidin?  Just makin sure.  Cuz we are, ya know, hiding.  Already...

Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Changling House

OMC!  TBT talked to us about the changes to the house this morning.  We dint unnerstand fully.  Its not just the roof, the sides and, um, "rain-catcher things" are goin to change too.

OK, he mentioned "siding", but we dint unnerstand what that was.  Like, we sposed there were "sides" of roofs too.  But no, the whole outside of the house is gonna change.

The shocking thing is that we are NOT gonna be "The Bloo House" annymore!  We are gonna become "The Green House" inna week (roof Saturday, sides Tuesday/Wensday/Thursday).

This is vaguely trawmatic.  Fer ONE thing, we will have ta be careful when outside.  OUR house will look different and probly even SMELL diffrent (new plasticy things stink fer a long time to us).

The worst part is that all that werk means that there will be BANGING, NAILING, and (worse) strangers around fer 3 or 4 days instead of just one.

Or it may get delayed.  TBT says there is some Big Storm comin in a week.  Or mebbe just a little wimpy drizzle, he says he cant know yet.  Some guy named Isaac...  Why Isaac wants to (mebbe) ruin our house werk plans is beyond us, but "whoops, there it is".  TBT says we gotta just deal with it, it will be over soon, and that means a long time (that we will never have to worry about), and we will have a "sort of" new house.  Not the inside of course, but he says the outside matters too.  Like "furs"  OK, THAT we unnerstand, furs are impawtant.

We were slightly worried that furs could be changed.  We are kinna happy with ours and wouldnt wanna suddenly have green furs. 

Ours worries are not unfounded!
1.  We saw Alice in Wonderland and Beins were painting White roses Red.
2.  Scientists made mousies with green furs.
3.  A nature show had lizards who changed from brown to ALL COLORS!
4.  Ditto Octopusses. 
5.  TBT sometimes changes the colors on the puter, and we are SURE he dint ask the puter first!
6.  Have you SEEN what beings did to lions to make them TIGERS?  OK, tigers look cooler than lions, but do ya think they did that on their OWN?  HAH!

So we wanna make sure ya see what we look like ONE MORE TIME, just in case we end up looking all differnt!  OK?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cabinet Introoder

We both came runnin over to the cabinet door cauz we heard noises from inside!  Marley pulled at it ta try to open it, but Iza's the only one who goid at that
Unfortunately, she wasnt around.  Off sleepin in the bedroom no doubt...
So we discussed what it might be inside.  Big mouse?  Weasel?
Aww, it was Iza!  She had got up and got in the cabinet when we werent lookin...  She was insufferably pleased with her little joke on us.

WE were so annoyed, we dint even get a picture took.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Washin Time

IZA: That cowlick on my back allus takes time ta tame down. 
Whew!!!   A girl's fur MUST be smoothed.
Now I can pay attention to the rest of me.
You'll forgive me if I don't show the nether cleaning...

Not Visiting

We have ta apologize fer not visitin our friends like we want to.  The reeson is simple.  TBT is losing his mind.  Its not just Grampa, the roof started leeking.  And that led to a visitor and THAT led to talking about new vinyl siding, and THAT means all kinna HECK is about to break loose here.

TBT assures us that we can stay in the bedroom but we might hear ALL KINNA noise.  So we are gonna get Nip Leafs twicet a day as that goes on.

TBT hadda crawl through all the joists an rafters to find the leak.  OF COURSE it was on the far end.  Like, he floored half the attic years ago. but it was the wrong half.  So he hadda do the monkey walk 6 times over the ceiling joists (and he says his muscles are still complainin about that)!  He says ta LOOK at it to find the leak, to get back, to bring a pan to catch the drips (a kitty litter pan, MOL!, to show the roofer the spot, an get back into the house.

So he is in an evil frame of mind and all his legs hurt from the monkey-walk.  An when he has an evil frame of mind, he gripes a lot.  So we aren't sure what happens next.  But we may be away sometime in the future week.

You'll know when it happens when ya dont see us fer a week...  It wont be fer a few days, but we dont know when it will start.  Then, it will be days unner the bed...

Ayla, Iza, and Marley

Monday, August 27, 2012

Talking to Grampa

IZA:  It was nice at lunchtime,  after the rain yesserday, so I went out in the backyard.  After a while, Grampa came out on the deck and saw me sitting down on the lawn.  So we talked for a while...

Nothing profound, just some chit-chat...
But he gets tired standing too long, so he hadda go inside.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Easy Like Sunday

Today we are paying attention to the Evil Skwerls!
That normally would keep us up watching,,,
But the thing is dying of thirst, so we are waiting it out.
After all, WE have lots of water ta drink inside.  So the Evil Skwerl GOT to just fall out of the tree onto the deck, right?

MEAN (being mean) while, we will just wait in the cat tree.
So it is still EASY SUNDAY!

Update:  Oh mouse-droppings!  Now its raining an the Evil Skwerl has plenty to drink...

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Our 6th Blogoversary!

Wow, its our 6th blogoversary today.  It seems a little strange, since the blog is older than anny of US are.  TBT was around back then, of course, but it was all about Skeeter and LC then.  So we think we'll just turn it over to him...

THE BIG THING:  Hi, well, its been 6 years now and I'm amazed.  I never thought that, on the first week when I cautiously tried out a few posts, we would still be posting now.  I can barely recall the first few days posting.  I didn't know much about it, couldn't include pictures, etc.  Our first comment came from The Meezers (Sammy and Miles) after several days.

I've always thought it was a shame that this blogging thing didn't start back when Skeeter and LC were young, so that they would have had many many years of blogging.  But Skeeter was already 14 and LC was 13 when we began blogging.  Sadly, they had to leave before the blog got very old...

Fortunately, Ayla was a transition cat.  She is the only cat here who remembers both Skeeter and LC, and they both passed on some of the family history to her.  Iza knew LC, and Marley never met either.

So, the blog has changed its cast of characters over the years.  Friends have come and gone.  New friends have shown up.  Blogging features have changed (some good some bad).  Blogging ideas have been added over the years; I wonder who through the first birthday party complete with pictures of food and games, for example.

I hope (and expect) that the next year of blogging will be as much fun as the previous 6...

Sooo, see you all tomorrow to start year 7!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Thankful Friday

THE BIG THING:  Last month, we had a 2,000th Post Party.  The door prize was won by Shaggy and Scout at Little Cat Feet

Well, I put things off sometimes, and we were late to send the door prize (happily, arrived by now). 

But I want to say  how much I appreciated PetSmart's contribution.  I arrived in a slight state of confusion (it was before Noon), and Jessica Jones helped me a lot.  First, I couldn't find the usual rattley mousies that Iza loves and that I wanted to send to Shaggy and Scout.  But she found some REALLY FANCY RATTLEY mousies sold individually.

It was a bit more than I was expecting to pay for a Door Prize, but when I mentioned the reason I wanted some, Jessica did some cool friendly form to allow her to donate the fancy rattley mice as a gift.

A GIFT from a store?  That's cool!  And it meant that I could buy a fancy electronic squeeky mouse and some fancy chicken treats to add to the Door Prize!

Now, obviously, I am thankful to PetsMart and to Jessica in particular, so I can't claim to be unbiased in thanking them.  But I haven't gotten FRIENDLIER service at the "other" local big pet store, and that matters to me on a personal level.  Products differ, but friendly service is most important to me.

Thank you, Jessica Jones.  You deserve a raise...  And thank you PetsMart for allowing Jessica to do that for us...


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Its Garden Tour Thursday again!  But this time, the flowers are about the same as last time (annuals are like that, and no perennials are blooming right now).  So I am showing off the "flying flowers" today.

The yellow flutterbies are all over the, um, flutterby bushes.  Notice the orangish one in the background though.
And there is this weerd moth what LOOKS like a bee and ACTS like a flutterby.
We mostly have the big yellow flutterbies around
More yellow ones.  There are large black ones, but they get spooked when we come near.  And there are LOTS of little orangy/black ones all over the place, but they are shy.
As best I can count (which is difficult enough with UNMOVING things), there are usually about 5 of the big yellow ones to one of the big black ones to about 20 of the little ones.  And about 3 of those weerd hummermoths...

Since the weather is pretty nice, I thought mebbe we should all go over to the large bare dirt area and roll around.  TBT is bringing out lighter fare today.  There is Eukanuba chicken kibble, chick-hen juice, and water with crushed Nip leafs.  I told TBT to make it light today, as I've read many kitties are on diets.  But we have lots of tiny crickets around on the lawn as snacks for those with bigger appetites.

And, of course, annykitty who finds a vole is more than welcome to it...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Marley's Cricket

AYLA: I am SO relieved!  There wasnt a cricket to be found in the house annywhere, not even in the garage.  TBT says he hasnt heard a cricket in the house all year, and come to think of it, I havent either.

So I was very thrilled when Eric and Flynn offerred to teleport a few over from England.  They arrived in a small box at my ESS.  Well, big fat GRASSHOPPERS arrived.  Thats even BETTER!  Marley's idea of "cricket" is kinna vague; iffen its a hoppy bug, its a "cricket".  So Marley was thrilled with them, and we all had one each (leaves a extra one fer Marley fer later).

Which also meant I could finally get some undisturbed rest after all my cricketless hunting efforts!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


MARLEY:  I'm just layin around today waiting fer Ayla ta turn up with my cricket.  Meanwhile, Iza makes a good pillow!

Monday, August 20, 2012


AYLA:  I havta find a cricket fer Marley (I lost a bet).  I looked in TBTs dresser drawers...
I looked in bins.  Whew, that was exhausting!
I better rest a while...
And think of other places ta look.
Hmmm, I should go down ta the basement!!!
 But thats a long way.  I better nap first...  YYAAAWWWWWNNNNNNN...

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Easy Like Sunday

MARLEY:  Well, first, I wanna thank you all fer comin to my birthday party, second fer enjoyin the pictures of my first day out, and 3rd fer all the comments about it all.

One result is that Ayla an I compared comments on our birfdays.  Neither of us could count the actual numbers (an TBT wouldnt), but Ayla decided that my list seemed longer.  So she is graciously gonna go hunt a cricket for me to play with.  She PROMISES not to chew it (much), but you know how it goes when ya got somethin ecitin in yer mouth.  I may haveta catch my own cricket annyway. 

Its Easy Sunday...  But because its the last day of MARLEY WEEK, its mostly me.
I LOVE the 3 tier patform TBT made (for Skeeter).
Its older than I am, of course.
But then an open cloths drawer is great too.
I can fur up TBTs cloths AND get a great nap...
I could do WITHOUT the flashy, though.
 Changing positions after a while is luxorious.
 I was nappin heavenly
but eventually, my new spot was discovered.  And coveted...
Since they were BOTH so great about making this MARLEY WEEK, we took turns, but I dint make/let TBT take any more pictures so that the sisfurs could nap EASY.  I owed them that.

And again, thank you so much evrykitty (and some Beins) fer visitin this whole week (and at the Party) an makin this my 2nd best week ever (hey my Gotcha Day always stays #1)!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Marley OUT, 5

MARLEY:  I wrap up the week of pictures of my adventure OUTSIDE  with the WILD corner and my last quick run around.  I found this OLD DEAD PIECE OF TREE!  They die?  Who knew?  It smelled funny, too...  Insecty and well, like old shoes.
There was neat stuff there.  Did you know sheets of plastic grow on the ground?
But it was mostly scraggly stuff  [TBT:  I WILL clean out that corner of the yard!  Eventually]
There is even a big pile of tree bark with more plastic growing over the top.  BARK GROWS PLASTIC!
But TBT said I hadda come in soon, so I went over to the land of mousie holes under the bird feeder ta check.  No mousies.
A quick trip through the flowers...
A few bites of grass.  That will be useful when I get back inside.  Heh-heh.
And in I went fer dinner...