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Friday, November 19, 2021

Flashback Friday

 I usually stick to "this week" in some year, but since so much has been about Lori, the new Tonkie kitten, I thought it right to go back to Iza's first days here.

A little out of my usual habit, but I hope you won't mind...

LC and Ayla were getting along well as sisfurs. But LC was over 16, and I plan for both regret and sadness, but also the future.

So I contacted the Siamese breeder about "another unwanted Siamese" not suited to their breeding program.  Ayla was "too small", and that didn't bother me, so another like her was just fine.  They had one.   Iza had "smudged colors" and unsuitable for breeding.

So, I acquired Iza.  She turned out to be a perfectly normal Tonkinese (which I knew nothing about until Tonkie Tails Cats advised me)..  

LC died soon, missing Skeeter.  Ayla was there, so was Iza.

Ayla and Iza were sometimes friendly...

And sometimes not...

I'm beyond choosing, but Iza was a lovey wonderful cat.  Enough so that I spent a year and half getting another Tonkie female.  

Lori is fixing that particular hole in my heart.  She is as loving as I expected.  She is more playful than Iza was (but she is younger so that seems right).  

Lori is here because I missed the loving traits of Iza.  So it feels right to express that today.