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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Was That Fair?

IZA:  I have a complaint.  And a question.

Ayla pulled a tricky on us yesserday, tellin us it was Easy Like Sunday, an then she hid from us so we couldnt have our, what I THOUGHT was, our all "Easy Like Sunday".

Then THIS morning, she said "APRIL FOOLS, today is Sunday, yesserday was Saturday, MOL"!

Is that fair?  We, um I, mean, like she did the joke on us when it WASNT April Fools Day an only announced it on the right day.  Does that count?  Arent April Foolie jokes hafta be ON that day?

MARLEY:  Well, actally, I laffed when I learnt what Ayla did...

AYLAI think a April Foolie can be set up before THE day.  And, like SPRUNG the next.  But Iza is all upset.  Shes got no sensahumor sometimes.  Ya remember that sad picture of her from a few days ago?  Well it was cuz I was in the hidey hole an evry time she went ta eat from her bowl, I reached out an tapped her nosie!  Marley laffed his asser off, but she dint smile not once.  No sensahumor...

THE BIG THING:  Well, who is to blame here? Was Ayla justified in her elaborate joke, or is Iza right that Ayla used the wrong day.

Leave a comment for Ayla if the 2-day joke was OK, for Iza if the timing was mean wrong, and for Marley if they should just forget it an cuddle up.