Friday, December 31, 2021

Monday, December 27, 2021

Secret Paws

LORI:  Ayla, Marley, and Laz decided I should be our Spokescat this year since it is my first Secret Paws experience.   Thats a Big Girl responsibility, so I am taking it seriously!  I made TBT takes LOTS of pictures.

First, our Secret Paws were CHARLEMAGNE AND TAMAR.  

Now ON to the prezzies!   

There was this nice big box...
And in it was a lovely bloo bag!
And it was full of wrapped prezzies.
We went for the little one wrapped all differnt.
It was a toy ball of yarn.  Neat, we have never seen THAT before.  And there is a bell inside!
And we love tissue paper...
Next, we opened the 2 matching prezzies.  TREATS!  Who doesnt love treats?  And they seem really healthy, so we can have more than one at a time.
Then there was one gift addressed ta each of us BY NAME!  Cool...
But I had ta check out that ball of yarn first.
I got SPRINGS!  I adore springs.  
They are SO pretty and bright.
I tried to get at them right away, but I cant open the bag.
Laz told TBT he needed help opening his.
I took some time to just amire everything.
And a little grooming allus helps when ya are all exited!
And Charlemagne and Tamar must have known we lose them fast unner furniture and weerd places...  Cuz we EACH have our OWN bag of springs!  I also stopped to read the nice card they sent.
Wow, I cant wait ta play with that ball of yarn!
Marley enjoyed one of the treats...
As did Ayla!
We will be "springing" around with our new toys and enjoying the treats for a long time...


Sunday, December 26, 2021

Chrissymouse Day

 It was joyful and got good prezzies, but it is late, so details tomorrow.  But a pic...

Friday, December 24, 2021

Crissymouse Eve

We are spending the day listening to classical Chrissymouse Musics.  We have gotten more treats today, and expect more tomorrow.  It is a time we all get to go to fatness.  Even TBT is going to have extra chocolate tollhouse bars and fruits.

There might even be "steaks and bacon" involved.   And of course we will get some plain and simple, without his weerd flavors added.

He has our little tree up.  With MOUSIES!

It could use some lights...  But, WOW, MOUSIES!

And there will be our Secret Paws stuff unner it tomorrow when we all get up.  Sandy Paws delivered the box of goodies  but TBT will open it in the morning.

Lori has never seen one before an is all wide-eyed at it.  But She unnerstands not to attack it.  Yet...  

We will all do it together on Chrissymouse Morning....

Oh Bast and Sandy Paws and Secret Paws (an TBT) we thank you for all this goodness we expect to discover soon...

To all, a good night nap (warm and snuggly), happiness in the morn, and joy in life...  May all of yer prezzie dreams come true...

Thursday, December 23, 2021

Thankful Thursday

We are thankful for our friends.  Who continue to visit us and leave comments even when we can't. 

I (TBT) have been having computer problems the past month (actually longer, but some are more recent than others).  This is not where to discuss details, but I had some time where posts wouldn't get through unless I copied them and tried later.  And I kept forgetting to do that.  And I had a week where random "0s" started appearing through my comments and forum posts.

That last has gone away, but I still have problems with posts not showing up.  Recreating comments is always of less quality than the original.  It the randomness of the odd problems that drives me crazy.

But I have been working on researching some of the problems.  Sometimes, just updating and restarting helps.  I'll stop there.

Right now, visiting and commenting seems to be working "mostly" well.  I think I lost a few of 50, but I left those sites "unanswered" so I know to check later.  Re-comment, if they didn't show up eventually.

I and The Mews love you all!  When we can't comment, we read.  

We are thankful for all the cards snail-mailed and emailed.  The snail-mail cards are posted to the front door (it is steel and we have LOTS of magnets).  Tomorrow, we will print out the emailed cards and add them.  We have of course, already seen and appreciated them, but we want to take a total picture of them all to post.

We are thankful for all the pictures of decorated trees.  We sometimes don't get around to that, so it gladdens our human and kittie hearts to see those of others.  Such beauty, such differences, and such a great sense of design is impressive.

We are thankful for joy of the season.  It doesn't require snow to make it a holiday.  It is feelings of connections to others.  Gifts are symbolic of love.  Things like card exchanges and secret paws represent that.

We here are thankful for our good lives.  I walked into the bedroom this evening, and saw Laz and Lori curled up together, Marley asleep on the bed a couple feet away, and Ayla on the shoe rack towel above them.  I was thankful just to see that.

We are all thankful for our general good health.  Even Ayla at 14+ (and deliberately self-isolating as she is) seems healthy, alert, and loving.  Laz and Lori have formed a bond.  Laz and Marley still wrassle friendly. Lori falls asleep on my lap often and joins we under the covers most nights. 

I am thankful that I am a lucky cat-daddy with these 4.  

Ayla is lovey to me.  Marley is calm to all and loves my attention.  He nearly passes out when I Zoom-Groom him....  Laz took some work, but settled in.  And he is seeking my attention more, gradually.  Lori brought joy to me and more peace to Laz.  Laz doesn't feel a need to challenge Ayla anymore.  Lori follows me around the house and I give her lots of attention.  This year's attention means a lifetime of loving connection..

I am thankful 4 cats can live in peace...

Some previously-used pics to show the above...

Love, peace, happy...

Talk about SIZE difference...
Ayla happy on The Lap...
Marley and Laz lap-brofurs...

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

A Minor OOPS!

TBT:   Where was my mind Saturday?  The Mews were at the door to go into the safe backyard after lunch.  So I just opened the door and out they went.  Laz, Marley, Lori...  I went to clean the dishes.

After a couple minutes, I had a "wait, WHAT?" moment!  Sure enough, Lori was out on the deck.  I went right out after her of course.  She suspected I wanted her back in, so she kept scooting just out of reach.  And I SURE didn't want her running down the stairs and into the yard.

She has been rushing at the deck door (and the front door when there was a delivery).  She is fearless.  And wants to explore more than just the house.  But she is not ready.  "Fearless" doesn't mean "experienced" or even "smart".

I got her of course.  And brought her back inside.  And gave her treats as a reward for not running too much.  But wow, was THAT weird.  I just wasn't thinking.

The contract says Lori has to be an indoors cat all her life.  I will ignore that eventually, but she is SURE going to stay indoors until she is at least a year old.  And given how strong she is growing, she will be safe outside (with Marley and Laz) and able to chase mousies next Summer.

But not until then...

Monday, December 20, 2021

Monday Girlcat

LORI:  I went to the vet Friday.  I got a shot that started with F something.  The vets were nice.  It was a jabby, but I dint even feel it by the time I was returned to TBT car.  Something about being outside safe (but I'm not allowed outside).  But in a few weeks I think I am officially "all grown up".  Something about a LadyGarden operashun and since Ladycats are Womancats, that sounds good.  I'll be almost 6 months old Jan 7th.  

And apparently I get a chip at the same time.  Some sort of special treat, I guess, fer the operashun.  TBT says that is so I can't get lost outside.  But how eating a treat keeps me from getting lost is beyond me.  Ayla says not to worry about it as I will be happier.  She said SHE sure was.  They have all gotten their chips too, so it sounds OK.

Aside from all that, I like to watch the fishies in the waterbox...  I don't bother them.  I just like watching them.  Besides, who wants wet paws?

Laz and I continue to nap together.
I just go wherever HE is.
And he seems ta enjoy my company!
Sometimes I nap the same way he does.
But he moves around...
I love head to head touching...
REALLY close...  I LOVE Laz!

I even did floaty-paws...

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Easy Like Sunday

We Three like eating together.  Bad pics, but you never know until later.

Lori is fitting right into mealtime.  She isn't afraid to eat with us Mancats.  In fact, she has nosed into a bowl herself.  She is getting bored with "kitten food" and wants the "adult cat stuff".  TBT is keeping her on "kitten" until 6 months though.  It is probably what she needs.

She eats a LOT!  More than we do sometimes.  Lately, we are getting those Fancy Feasts cans and TBT splits those in 1/3ds for us 3 adults.  Lori has the same in "kitten food" and she eats a 1/2 each time.  

 Where DOES she put it all?  Well, she sure runs around a lot.  TBT says a kitten's motor runs "hot".  

Ayla still prefers to eat separately.  She like to nibble slow.  We gobble fast.  Lori keeps right up with us. MOL!

BTW, the picture of the small cat tree is a couple years old.  No mice as ornaments.  But the current on goes up today.  TBT has to thread the mouses with a loop of carpet thread (strong stuff) to attach a regular tree hook onto.

We have promised not to pull the mousies off the tree.  There are enough on the floor.