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Saturday, April 02, 2016

Favrit Toys

AYLA:  Well, I guess our April Fool's joke wasnt all that convincing.  It can be hard to pretend about weather!

But, back to today.  I thought I would show my favrit toys.  I love to carry this woven fevver-thing around.  Iza an Marley dont bother with it, so it is allus where I left it (unless when TBT is cleaning).
My REAL Super-Favrit toy is these plastic rings! They come from milk bottles.  Used to annyway.  Now there are twisty caps.  Sometimes I carry them around all night, mostly into the bedroom.  And then TBT will find THIS many on the bed (more spread around than this though).
TBT says I make funny little "merfing" sounds when Im "carrying".  Well, its kinna hard ta talk properly when I got somethin in my mouth...