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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Welcom to this weeks garden tour.  I always love having you go on a stroll with me around the good parts of the yard!
The Black-Eyed-Susans are really doing well.  Of course, they are native to the area, I think.  Regular watering in this unusual dry spell doesnt hurt either... 
I really like these stripey Wave Petunias.  Some kinds are all red or all white or even blue, but I like these best.  They look so cheerful!
The Stokesia are beginning a second bloom for the season.  TBT went out an cut all the dead first flowers several weeks ago, so they are trying for seeds again.
The Marigolds do pretty well in heat and DRY.  But they usually grow more flowers than this.  TBT says mebbe they got too much of that fertilizer what grows leafs most.  Or they are growin themselves big to make MORE flowers later.
The Salvias are startin ta flower better now.  In a few weeks, they should be a carpet of red flowers.  I like the bright green leafs too.  It makes the deeper green leafs of the plants around them prettier.
Our Purple Coneflowers keep bloomin.  They been going strong fer weeks now!  
Finally, we got the other Wave Petunias and the striped grass.  The petunias will cover most of the ground there eventually, but they are struggling a bit this year.  So is the grass plant.  Its sposed ta get 3 feets tall, but I have my doubts.  Mebbe it will take off next month when things cool down a bit..
Whew, it hot out today!  Not as bad as most days, but hot is hot.  So lets go lay on the cool grass in the shade of the tree.  TBT brought out some real human-type canned tuna (big chunks), some poached chickie breast, some chickie water with real Nip leafs in it, an some cream!  AND we got some rattley mousies to bat around iffen ya feel like it.