Sunday, September 30, 2012

Easy Like Sunday

MARLEY:  Thank Cod the visitors left just before dinner yesserday.   It turned out they were TBT's sister an her husband.  I remember them.  TBT dragged me to THEIR house last year and they had the evil Lucy-Fur cat!  Luckily, they dint bring Lucy-Fur with them.

It was hard bein locked in the bedroom all day, cuz we could tell the deck door was open.  The sounds an smells crept right unner the bedroom door.  We would have rather been hidin from the visitors OUTSIDE, but TBT said he was afraid we might run away.

He opened the bedroom door later (but while THEY were still here).  Iza went out and took a look around and checked to see if she could get anny food (naturally).  But she came back and said not only no food for kitties, but the screen door was coverin the deck exit, so we couldnt sneak outside annyway.

Iza says the sister is mean to cats.  She snuck up on Iza and said HISS and laffed.  And when Iza puffed an ran around the corner, she snuck up from the other way and said HISS again.  Several times!  Iza finally ran back to the bedroom.

TBT esplained later that that was a game his sister and Lucy-Fur play alla time and Lucy-Fur LOVES it.  Well, I spose she WOULD.  But TBT laffed too, so I spose it IS some kinna game ya could learn ta play with yer Bein.

Annyway, after all THAT yesserday, we decided ta sleep in today.  Naturally, Ayla an I decided ta sleep on the bed for our Easy Like Sunday naps.  Iza decided ta spend hers near the top of the cat tree.  She says she had ENOUGH of us yesserday.
Im ready ta zonk out...
Iza wants to keep an eye on TBT an Grampa...
Have a good Easy everone!