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Thursday, February 28, 2013


We was asked about TBT saying "bad werds" about the camera battery being the wrong one.

YES he did.  Many.  Most of which we dont know.  So we could use some help in figurrin them out.

1.  Razzle-Frazzle!
2.  *******
3.  Drat!
4.  Mousie-Droppings!   (OK, we know THAT one)
5.  %$)@%*
6.  FTC
7.  aowpqrjetngk q3rfg 
8.  *** ** ****
9.  "I oughta ...
10.  (And best) "I'll send it back to them attached to a cinder block COD"!*

We know 3, 4, and 9 a bit...

* TBT was channelling Grampa, back in the day when SOME thins could (apparently) be sent where you PAID the postal clerk to receive an item in the mail.  Pay no attention to him, he is losing it.


Lest there be no pictures, here are "Marley-lumps-unner-the-blankies"...

The swimming elephant...  Body, legs, trunk, ears...
The plesiosaur... Flippers, long neck, body, tail...

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Great Camera News!

We are thrilled to report that TBT received the new flashy box yesterday and opened the box today to charge the battery, load the software, and get ready to start flashing us all over the house!

Why are we thrilled?  Cuz the flashy box takes a special battery AND THEY SENT THE WRONG ONE!

We are dancing fer happiness...


Separate news...  A brother/sister littermate pair of cats lost their Bein suddenly and need a home.  They are in NJ right now awaiting their fate...  We are sure SOME of our readers have room for 2 sweet cats or may want to nicely domesticated ones as their first cats.  Please leave us a comment if you can help.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Favrit Nappin Spot Rediscovered

IZA: TBT had piled up some old blankies around that he had unner his sheet on the waterbed a couple weeks ago, an it was so tall I couldn't get up an nap on them properly.
He finally moved them to the basement and exposed a nice bloo pillowcase again.
I climbed right up an napped on it before Ayla could...

Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Mancat Flash From The Past!

MARLEY:  Well, I got to choose one, and here it is from my first month...

I always HAVE eaten between Ayla and IZA...
Sat above then to keep the peace...
Watched over them.
 Offerred to play...
And just generally be cute.........

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  A few weeks ago, I re-discovered the pleasure of napping in the silly big woofie bed TBT bought (he was thinking we might ALL curl up there together).  That hasnt happened yet.  Im pretty sure it wont.

But I think this was took on an Easy Sunday, so I will use it today (we are still waiting for the new flashy box to arrive)...
Id like it better iffen it was more smaller.
Bein its kinna big, I end up wandering around in it.
You can see that I have brought a few fun things in with me.  A few toys, and the slipper is VERY good fer bunny-kicking...
Id let Marley curl up in here.  Not sure about Iza though.  She farts.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Puffy Tail!

AYLA: I cant find if this was used.  We are going back a month fer pictures til the (new Mousie-awful NEW flashy) arrives.  *sigh*. 

One of my BEST puffs...  I amember it.  I was just walkin along and TBT scraped his sneaker-skweeky-shoe on the floor right behind me.  Ruined my whole night...  I DINT amember that he got a picture of me...

He thinks I look funny like this.  At the time, I thought he is gonna feel "funny" when I tread on his back with my claws "just" out...

And fer current accuracy, yes, I DID do that...  Paybacks are hell.  And Im the grrlcat to DO it.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Marley Mancat Cave

MARLEY: TBT snuck up on me again!  I dint even know he took these til he showed me just now.
I need ta figure out how ta pull the Chrissymouse blankie over the opening...
TBT says I should be happy that ONE cubbyhole opening is covered.
I say I shouldnt need either one covered to sleep in privacy!
On the other paw, he dint wake me up, so I spose its OK.  I mean, otherwise, these posts would be ALL WERDS an that DOES seem a bit boring...  Its better to be caught napping than giving the "back leg salute"!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Theres not much growing outside yet.  Most of the crocuses have decided to stay unnerground so far.  But one little bunch stuck their heads up...

Since its cold and windy, lets run right back inside for some treats.  We can sit around and watch the catsitter DVD...

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Almost Werdless Wensday

AYLA:  Apparently, TBT had some pictures he hadnt used yet, so there are some to use until the new flashy box arrives...  Drat!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

OK, The Secret

IZA:  Evrykitty wants to know how I killed the flashy-box camera.  It was a accident, but I remember how it happened.  So I'll esplain the procedure...

First, it helps iffen you are clumsy.  Jumpin up on places when ya dont know what is there seems to be important, especially iffen ya arent good at dodging objects that are yer landing place.

Second, bulk matters.  Skinny little pests sisters like Ayla can step over stuff soft as butterflies as they land on higher surfaces, but iffen you are "pleasingly plump", you can shove evrything infront of you like a snowplow.

Third, with enough bulk, you cant really be blamed too much fer not stopping too quickly.  F=M*A and all that (TBT told me that afterwards, though I only know it means its hard to stop moving forward when you get going).

Fourth, this is the important part.  It helps to have a habit of jumping to where you last saw yer Beins hands.  That means his attention is there, so there is a better chance of getting scritchies and fur-strokes. 

In the case of the camera, it meant that when he put it down on the half wall over the stairs, my attention was drawn to there and I jumped to that spot.  I dint KNOW it was the camera he had just set down there.  Im glad it was, though.  Sometimes ya get lucky!

So when I jumped from the table to the half wall where I last saw TBT hands, I slid a bit and shoved the camera right over the edge.  DOWN onto the stairs.  Eight feet down. 

It banged real good!

Apparently, it messed up the camera.  The skin popped loose, the pictures all got blurry, they rotated funnily, and the eye of it doesnt werk most times.

There is a new one on the way.  It seems there are secret places that are dedicated to making sure evry Bein has a flashy camera at all times.  Who knew?  I thought the Beins had to build them themselves or something at great effort and it took a long time. 

But MEBBE, just MEBBE, iffen we ALL start deliberately knocking the Beins cameras to the floor, we can break more cameras then the Beins in the secret places can build!  For a while, there might be NO pictures taken because there would be NO flashy cameras!  Oh what a wunnerful world that would be...

Notice there are no pictures of me in this post, fer example...

Monday, February 18, 2013

Mancat Monday

MARLEY: I really like the way TBT has enclosed my favrit cubbyhole with the fancy Chrissymouse blankie.  It blocks off one of the openings, so I feel more enclosed.  Sometimes the blankie is draped more over this opening too, but he moved it a bit so he could get my picture and I didnt mind.
He says he is gonna put a small towel there so the fancy blankie is on a platform so it looks nicer, an I guess that will be good too.

BTW, Iza killed the camera!!!  We know TBT is annoyed and is getting a new one soon, but it means no flashy pictures fer a week.  Hurray IZA!  There is more about all that HERE!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Easy Like Sunday

We are doing some good Easy Like Sunday nappin today.  

Its WAY too windy to be outside on a cold day...

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Evening Sitting

IZA:  Grampa let me sit on the arm of his chair last night while we both watched Marley staring out into the dark.  Grampa was watching Marley cuz there was a commercial on the TV.  I was watching Marley in case there was something inneresting to watch out there.
I dont think Marley saw annything, cuz he wandered over to TBTs lap after a couple minnits.

Friday, February 15, 2013

The OLD Tree

My favrit spot!  Well, TBT BUILT IT, so I like that part a lot.  And he says that SKEETER loved the spot, so that's good too.  Us orange/white cats have similar tastes.

 He says that we even lay on it the same way.  That's cool!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day, and Hopes

A Valentines to you, my dearest royalness Spitty King...

Dearest Spittikins, I told TBT that I wanted him to send you a bouquet of fishies from me to you, but he dint get it quite right!

I fear these are NOT real fishies.  I can only hope they become real ones in the sending.  Oh, if they don't, however will I express my deep and abiding love for you.  Even worse, how will I ever beat out all those hussies who are after you only for your car, your newly plump tummy and yer exquisite furs.  Oh wait, I want those too.

But I mean who else would have sufferred loved  going camping with you, gone through the horrible exciting Halloween adventure, and the scarey eciting furrari car with you?

Oh Spitty, King Spitty, may I become your queen?  Or am I doomed to be just another "girlcat-in-waiting"?

Neither of us are getting any younger, ya know?

I have so much to offer.  Tummy, toesies, ears, whisker-humps.  Indeed, I surely have the best whisker-humps ever.  Great traits to pass down to the next generation.  Oh wait, I can't do that.  Oh, and you can't either.  Hmmm...  Well then, we will adopt!

We will have 5, no 10 little spittikins and spitty-girls (adopted of course) who look or don't look like us all around us all the day!  Won't that be GRAND?  I can hardly wait.

Oh, imagine the wedding.  You will be on display fer ALL the other girlcats to see.  They will be SO dressed up, in like orange and burgandy, with ourageously puffy dresses and it will be spectacular!  I can't wait.

To make things easy, here is the ring I want:
over-the-top engagement ring

I'll have to wear it around my paw, of course.  Its WAY to big for a toe.  5 or 6 carrots, I think.  It might take you ages to pay it off, but I'm worth it.

You get a difernt one, of course. Lots simpler, but matching.

You choose that one...

Your Iza Lambie-Ambie-Dambie

And for your eyes only...

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

We Dint Do It!

TBT did!  He shoved the tablecloth all straight, and there was this terrible BANG-TINKLE noise.

Yeah, he bumped an old deco-rative glass peppercorn holder thingy with his elbow and crashed it RIGHT down onto the stairs. Peppercorns an glass all over the place!

At least it wasnt US fer a change...  We SURE werent bothering anny peppercorns.  YUCK!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tree Activity

Tuesday Random Pictures of Tree Action...
Ayla and Marley...
Marley is looking sweetly coy...
Iza is bored...
Hey, you down there?  I think I heard a can open. 
Not hungry?  OK, I'm leaving...
Napping cats...

Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Mancat

MARLEY:   I am apparently, not a camo-cat...  I mean,  I kinna show up here.
Mebbe TBT needs to start wearing orange camo...

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Easy Like Sunday

Sister Sunday.

We relaxed today alone.
A litle smiles...
 Some layin on our backs.
A brief allertness,,,  
Some standing exercises. Up down, up down....
Some studious ignorances...
And we were ready for the day...

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Yes To The Ess 2!

IZA:  An Ode to the Ess...

Oh Ess, sweet Ess,
I say to you "yes".

My constant enjoyment
My pleasenment Ess!

I love you to pieces
And to pieces you are.

Your mostly all fuzz now,
And I don't know how.

TBT admires my destructive ways,
So long as it's Ess-aimed, he always does say.

He picks up the fuzzies I rip from its guts,
And I do enjoy that but yet you know what?

 I care for my Ess toy, and give it a spin,
Cuz that's the way only I keep it in trim.

You see I know Ess toy, We both do agree.
That I sure knows it, and it sure knows me. 

I've near worn it out, and its near worn out me
But I get more energy day and in night.

Each day I'll go after the Ess in the day,
 and nightly it calls when TBTs away
I'll go at again, again, again, again and yet again.

Each kitty wonders just how nice the Bridge will really be.
To shred, to claw, to tear apart the Ess forever for to me.
But I know that it will have the lovely Esses endlessly!

TBT says so, and I will agree.