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Monday, June 11, 2012

Two Awardies!

We got 2 awardies the past week!  We are thrilled to get BOTH of them.

The first was the The Sunshine Award, from Nerissa to all of us!  Thank you Nerissa, we are honored.  Sunshine makes flowers bloom, rainbows glow, and warms us kitties.  We are delighted that Nerissa thinks we warm our fellow(ess) kitties!  We got it once before, so we will add Nerissa's name to the caption saying who awarded it to us!  But we want to say that getting an award twice is VERY special.  Double Good, Double Good, Double Good Fun!

The second is the Illuminating Blogger Award, from both Katie Isabella and Melly!  To ME, Ayla...  Oh wow, my OWN awardie?  This is cool.  I'm supposed to tell one illuminating fact about myself. I thought about this all day and most of the night (well, when I wasnt eating dinner or napping).

I guess the most illuminating thing about me is that I had ta get the ladygarden operation THREE times!  Some of you know that, but mebbe not evryone.  In Jan 2008 and Dec 2008, by the original vet.  That dint get me all fixed right and I had horrible long yowling weerd ITCHY days evry few weeks fer a couple years.

Then I got a infection last Fall an OUR vet hadda operate.  He found I had most of my parts still in "there" an THAT was the cause of the infection.  He took them out an I've been fine ever since.  That infection turned out ta be a REAL GOOD THING!

So, my BIG DEAL is that I got the ladygarden operation THREE TIMES.

I guess I could mention how I got my name, too.  TBT read this 'Clan of the Cave Bear' book by a Miss Jean Auel with a girl Bein character that he really admired and did real hard/cool stuff in the days before the cat blogoshere, us, an even puters!  He decided WAY BACK THEN that he would find the RIGHT cat to give that name to.  Obviously, I was THAT RIGHT CAT.  So my name became "AYLA".  The "princess" part came after, when it was obvious I was royal.

(TBT:  And when you for sure could no longer become a "queen". LOL!)

HEY!  This is MY post.


Now, I gotta decide who ta pass on this award to.  Its not easy.  It takes special kitties to deserve this special award, now that I have it...  I'm not sure how many, but I think 5 is a good number (toes on paw).

Darling Millie
Herman, Spyro, and Oja
All the Katnip Lounge cats
The Twinkletoes Cats

I should tell them, but I think I'll let them see it here, as a surprise!  And see who notices...  ;)

If they don't notice, I'll TRY to remember to tell them in a couple days.  But Princesses have SO much on their minds...  Mebbe I'll just tell Marley to remember that.