Friday, October 28, 2016

Freaky Friday

And this time the "freaky" is the camera!  Its actin weerd.  We just recently passed 10,000 pictures with it and us is giving us blank areas.  TBT can get around it some.  He can take a diagonal picture like this...
and "straighten" and crop it to this
which looks good but it is more effort.  And some pictures are just useless.

Plus the camera doesn't allow forcing the flashie (which is sort of fine with us), but the "autoflash" is getting worse and guessing when to flash.  And even WE admit that when a good picture is ruined its not a good thing.  And some of the menu controls (like the Macro feature) haven't worked lately. 

TBT tried a new memory card, cleaned the lens, the flashie and even the light detector, but that had no effect.  So it looks like he is gonna have to get a new one. 

He has bad luck with cameras.  He left one out in the rain, Iza pushed another off the wall onto the staircase, and now this.

Suggestions are welcome.  TBT doesnt need anything fancy.  In fact this Canon SX600HS was way more than he wanted.  The features (and therefore the menus) were way more than he expected.  AS IF he was ever going to fuss with f-stops, lighting levels, time of day, and location-identification.  The manual pop-upflash is an annoyance.  Megapixels aren't worth much either, since he has to reduce the pictures down to around 300kB anyway for the blog.  Even on the rarest occasion when he wants a larger picture, 3mB is fine. 

Normal, Macro, and Portrait are sufficient, through wide-angle might be nice.  Controlling the flash on/auto/off is a must.   No need for video, an old Flip does that just fine (and he can't figure out how to post videos annyway).