Friday, February 09, 2018

Friday Catch Up

Ooh, ya know how ya get an idea fer a post and add stuff ya think of but ferget the ORIGINAL reason fer the post?  Yeah, we did that. 

We started the Comment and Questions post earlier this week thinking about a question about Henrietta Hippo.   It was Hugo Hippo.  Sorry we got it wrong before.

And then forgot to explain about that...  So, we are correcting that.

So here are some of the pictures of the January 2011 visit.

 Iza taught him how to play" catlike".
Showing how she graps prey.  As a hippo, of course, he was much too large for her.
But she showed "chase from behind"...
And surprise pawing!

Hugo thought this was great information for life in the wild!

Hugo really loved Marley.  Marley was brand new here, and Hugo was the first to know he was here.
Hugo was sent along to the next person on the list he arrived with.  We added a simple memento of the visit (a postcard of Maryland Crabs).  We don't know where he went after that.  We think it was Darling Millie, and he went off into the Quilting Universe from her place...