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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

A Minor OOPS!

TBT:   Where was my mind Saturday?  The Mews were at the door to go into the safe backyard after lunch.  So I just opened the door and out they went.  Laz, Marley, Lori...  I went to clean the dishes.

After a couple minutes, I had a "wait, WHAT?" moment!  Sure enough, Lori was out on the deck.  I went right out after her of course.  She suspected I wanted her back in, so she kept scooting just out of reach.  And I SURE didn't want her running down the stairs and into the yard.

She has been rushing at the deck door (and the front door when there was a delivery).  She is fearless.  And wants to explore more than just the house.  But she is not ready.  "Fearless" doesn't mean "experienced" or even "smart".

I got her of course.  And brought her back inside.  And gave her treats as a reward for not running too much.  But wow, was THAT weird.  I just wasn't thinking.

The contract says Lori has to be an indoors cat all her life.  I will ignore that eventually, but she is SURE going to stay indoors until she is at least a year old.  And given how strong she is growing, she will be safe outside (with Marley and Laz) and able to chase mousies next Summer.

But not until then...