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Monday, December 20, 2021

Monday Girlcat

LORI:  I went to the vet Friday.  I got a shot that started with F something.  The vets were nice.  It was a jabby, but I dint even feel it by the time I was returned to TBT car.  Something about being outside safe (but I'm not allowed outside).  But in a few weeks I think I am officially "all grown up".  Something about a LadyGarden operashun and since Ladycats are Womancats, that sounds good.  I'll be almost 6 months old Jan 7th.  

And apparently I get a chip at the same time.  Some sort of special treat, I guess, fer the operashun.  TBT says that is so I can't get lost outside.  But how eating a treat keeps me from getting lost is beyond me.  Ayla says not to worry about it as I will be happier.  She said SHE sure was.  They have all gotten their chips too, so it sounds OK.

Aside from all that, I like to watch the fishies in the waterbox...  I don't bother them.  I just like watching them.  Besides, who wants wet paws?

Laz and I continue to nap together.
I just go wherever HE is.
And he seems ta enjoy my company!
Sometimes I nap the same way he does.
But he moves around...
I love head to head touching...
REALLY close...  I LOVE Laz!

I even did floaty-paws...