Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Womancat Wensday

AYLA:   I hate the new little twerp!  She's worse than Iza was when SHE first arrived.  So, OK, Ive SAID it!  I hiss at her whenever she gets close.  But Im not sure what ta do.  TBT likes her.  Marley says she is OK.  

Even Laz is accepting her.  He lets her pounce him and doesnt beat the poop out of her (though he DOES seem a little confoosed).  He didnt treat ME that kindly when HE first arrived.  

Im even a little worried about my Princess status...  She is cuter than me (well, shes a kitten).  Can I be "unPrincessed"?  I'm not sure how that works really.  TBT still calls me "Princess", but royalty issues are a bit vague.

I consider that HE is spending altogether TOO MUCH TIME with her.  I mean, she follows him everywhere.  She sleeps with him at night (under the covers) and sits on his shoulder sometimes when he walks around and is fast to get onto The Lap!  Im so peeish that I cant even sit happily on the back of the TV chair when she is on The Lap.  

She even gets "special kitten food".  OK, he gave ME some too and I see why she likes it.

Im retreating to the bedroom and human litterbox room while I decide what ta do.  Laz was bad enough; he was difficult for TBT too at first.  Lori is worse.  She gets all KINNA attention.  I never thought I would be jealous of pics.  I mean, we sometimes try ta avoid them.  Lori glories in it.

OK, its not like Im not getting attention.  TBT brings me my meals an still follows me around with the food bowl while I decide where ta eat.  He nuzzles me when Im up at his head level.  And calls me "Princess".  And gives me scritchies and treats.

But Im still not happy with "her".  And did I mention she loves to climb?  Thats MY territory!  She went right up to the top of the cat tree yesserday an even considered walking on the curtain rod.  She will be up on the tops of the bookcases next.  Even Laz seldom dares do that.

But at least there ARE pictures of me.  He still likes me THAT much...

Lori still has The Mews Room mostly to herself.  TBT says it is temporary.  But I went in an peed in her litterbox, MOL!  THAT will teach her who is the Princess around here!